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Suspended parliamentary officials refused any injustice


A lawyer representing two senior officials was suspended and accompanied by B. C. The day before the legislature, she says, her clients have done nothing wrong and still don't know why they're under investigation.

In a letter to CBC, attorney Mark D. Andrews demanded immediate reinstatement of sergeant Gary Lenz and House Clerk's C hurried ç suspension.

Escorted by police

On Tuesday, House leaders unanimously voted for a move on Lenz and James' ambiguous leave, without waiting for an RCMP investigation. The police accompanied the men in the legislature immediately after the move.

James and B.C. Sergeant-armed Gary Lenz is the subject of a criminal investigation. 00:59

Andrews sent his letter to the home leaders on Friday and told the customers that no explanation had been made for "this overuse".

"Craig James and Gary Lenz deny any wrongdoing. They have the right to be treated innocently until proven guilty. He deserves to be told by the matter of basic justice what he has done and that he will be given an opportunity.

Politicians still ignorant

In his letter, Andrews stated that media discourses clearly state that politicians do not have any knowledge of the investigation.

Uygun This was not appropriate. If you were given enough information to create a judicial review of the need for action and the need to act against such an adverse action, bir he continued.

"The fact that there is only one investigation is not a sufficient basis to distract them from their duties."

Home leaders have confirmed that they have received copies of the letter to the CBC.

B.C. Sergeant-Armed Gary Lenz was appointed as a security officer in the security forces' legislature. King Craig James, the two key officials of the British Royal Council, was suspended indefinitely on Tuesday without a criminal investigation. . (Dirk Meissner / Canadian Press)

Andrews said that one of the private prosecutors appointed to the investigation, David Butcher, did not want to dismiss private prosecutors and the RCMP's role in Lenz and James' house roles.

Request to act immediately

At the end of the letter, Andrews imposes on home leaders to take son urgent i action to end Tuesday's move.

"If a portion of the damage to our customers is solved, the essence of time is concerned," the lawyer wrote.

Andrew likened the situation of Lenz and James to the false fires of eight Health Department employees in 2012. Andrew said the ini hurried ”layoffs were driven by“ doubts and a flawed investigation Andrew.

"We think these mistakes are repeated in a respectful way," the lawyer said.

Read the full letter below:

Liberals demand answers

Later on Friday, Opposition Council Leader Mary Polak gave his own letter to Parliament Speaker Darryl Plecas, who called for an emergency meeting of the Legislative Assembly's Executive Committee.

The var Party of Parties “exists for” developing policies for the management and financial management of the Legislative Assembly “. A liberal spokesman said the meeting did not take place.

A few hours after Polak's letter, the Liberals sent a letter a second time, this time addressed to NDP House Leader Mike Farnworth and Green Party House Leader Sonia Furstenau.

This letter asked a series of questions regarding the government's handling of the events so far.

Read the full letter below:

Authorized nozzles

RCMP has not published any details of the nature of the investigation surrounding Lenz and James, but a clearer timeline for the emergence of what caused bombardment suspensions on Wednesday.

At a press conference, Alan Mullen, a private consultant for Plecas, expressed concerns about Lenz and James, saying that he was hired by Plecas in January.

Mullen quietly explored men for seven months and reported his findings to RCMP in August. The next month, RCMP contacted Taç and two special prosecutors were appointed to the case.

On Thursday, Polak once again gave the scandal a twist: On Monday, Pleven made a sworn statement to journalists who said he had asked Mullen to be appointed a temporary substitute for Lenz the day before his suspension.

Opposition leaders express concern about the speaker's plan to appoint his friend as an armed sergeant. 00:52

Polak said that Farnworth and Furstenau immediately rejected Plecas' s request.

Wally Oppal appointed

After the announcement of the Polak, Plecas avoided the media – but was introduced from the office of Mullen Speaker to announce the appointment of a second special advisor to Plecas for guidance on Mul legal issues Pol.

On Thursday, Mullen announced that former judge and lawyer Wally Oppal has been appointed as the second special advisor. 00:32

Old B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal stepped in this role.

Clerk Kate Ryan-Lloyd, the current clerk, serves as the clerk and Sergeant-At-Arms Randy Ennis, who is in charge of the investigation, has been appointed.

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