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State Blood Tribe committed $ 2.2 million for opioid treatment plant


The officers at the Blood Tribal reserve in Southern Alberta are facing an unprecedented opium crisis, calling for help from the provincial government – and the call has now been answered.

The state announced on Thursday that the vaccine would be given $ 2.2 million for two years to help patients recover from overdose.

Within the scope of the program, Blood Tribal paramedics will have the option of taking the overdose patients to a treatment area where they can take resources and programs to take them directly to the treatment areas.

Kevin Cowan, the CEO of the Blood Tribe health department, said the statement was ”non-speechless Blood and believed the program would have a significant positive impact on society.

”This will make a big difference here for us – it will offer 24-7 paramedics to people who do not receive this service,“ he said.

The tribe, Carfentanil – a synthetic opioid 100 times stronger than a fentanyl – faced a reserve – causing the reservoir to be flooded.

In November, Cowan said in a statement to Postmedia, how the EMS personnel in the reserve used naloxone kits to reverse the effects of an overdose before taking patients to the hospital, al to release them quickly lam before repeating the same model and repeat dose Cow he said.

Çalışıy Taking them to the hospital is not for us, it works for society, “he said.

Patients will then have the ability to use the Kanai Transition Community to support their recovery and return to society.

The resident of the blood reserve walks along a road near Standoff on September 12, 2017.

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Uz We believe that this was the first time in Canada. . Let's do a schedule 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ”Cowan said.

“They will be here to accept the calls. (Patients) will be stored for 10 to 14 days; Our physicians will perform opioid replacement such as Suboxone and will work with our addicts and mental health personnel.

”I hope we can carry them to the transition society.“

Between October and November, 57 of them had an overdose of 94 last month, and Cowan said in December that the dose was six times higher.

Carfentanil is very strong, a Blood Tribal paramedic service found four patients with an overdose only after dividing one tablet.

Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said the government is proud to receive the fund.


"The blood tribe developed a community-based solution to facilitate the current overdose crisis," he said.

A We will continue to work with the Blood Tribe to ensure that they receive the support they need to provide treatment and care to people affected by substance use. “

Blood Tribe Chief Roy Fox said the government helped fight against the opium crisis.

”Premier Notley, his minister Hoffman and the Cabinet of Alberta have been sincere and helpful in fighting the opioid crisis that has shaken our people for the last few years,“ he said.

Uz We would like to thank our healthcare facility, our department and our council for their continued participation in the medical treatment center and for providing additional resources. Many other chapters, members of the tribe and others have worked collaboratively to end this drug problem and thank you for their courage and commitment. "

The state also announced funding for its permanent supportive residential complex in Lethbridge on Friday, just west of the reserve.

The state announced a $ 11 million project to invest $ 42 million in accommodation, allowing the government to invest 30 new damage mitigation areas to "keep people waiting".

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