Tuesday , October 19 2021

Someone coughed literally a lung


We're moving towards the winter, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, which means the inevitable attack of casual jumper, industrial snow and cold. People from Yekaterinburg to Yellowstone can't wait to wipe their nasal discharge and to cough things down.

When this temperate tradition reaches its peak, it's not uncommon to hear people talking about ”coughing a lung Bu. Normally, this is just a form of speech – but for a person this year, this was a proof of a correct phrase.

In a strange case reported last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, a 36-year-old male referred to a vak spontaneous expans, of a solid cast of the 10 branches of the bronchial tree. Basically, he coughed a model of his own clotted blood, made from the inside of his lung.

Get this guy some lozenge, stat. New England Medical Journal © 2018

Now, it's true to say that this guy wasn't exactly the picture of health first. He had already had a heart attack before, only one-fifth of the blood in the heart was being pumped into his body – the normal amount was three times as much. She experienced aortic stenosis – the valve opening between the heart and the aorta became too narrow to facilitate blood flow to the main artery of the body. This was the result of a congenital defect that left the aortic valves with two tubes instead of three – this had undergone surgery to comply with a bioprosthetic replacement. And in addition to the new valve, there was also a heart attack; he needed a heart attack after plugging in a full heart block saying that he had eaten exactly.

After coming to the intensive care unit, there is a new attachment to this cardiac gadget collection. The doctors inserted a device that helped his heart to pump into his heart and applied heparin, an anticoagulant used to treat the blockages in the vessels.

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