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Simard invites the cuts to French services teklif one step forward, three steps back teklif to the noisy city hall


Rebel Tory MPP Amanda Simard will be backed by a "resistance" movement against Premier Doug Ford's cuts to French language services in the province, said the Queen on Monday.

In the packed Saint Isidore arena, hundreds of surrounding communities, including Embrun, Russell, Alfred and Plantagenet, were a colossal town hall where Franco-Ontarians voiced their anger and outrage at the government's proposed cuts.

Last week, the Tories announced that they had transferred the French language commissioner's mandate to scrapping Ontario's plans to scrape off the ombudsman and a French-speaking university alone.

On Friday, after rebound days, Ford said the government would form a French-Language Services Commission position at the state ombudsman's office and plan to turn the office of francophone into a full ministry under the leadership of Attorney General Caroline Mulroney.

Adım Personally, I think he's stepping back three steps, Sim Simard said on Sunday. ”If we keep making concessions like that, it won't be long in a few years.“

Tory MPP Amanda Simard, on Sunday, November 25, 2018, is a crowded crowd about the cuts offered to francophone institutions. Isidore Recreation Center & # 39; s address. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

Ashley Fraser /


Simard is also a rookie for the frigophone Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding, and also serves as parliamentary secretary of Mulroney in his secondary role as minister in charge of franchphone affairs.

In I'm going to go back Monday morning and see how everything is, nasıl Simard said last week, when most of them were not in the legislature.

”It was a really busy week, not just psychological, but there's too much logistics and it reflects and speaks with components.“

Simard made some money from his voters at the town hall on Sunday, but many lawmakers praised him for taking a et brave ancak stance against the cuts proposed by his government.

Simard said, bildirim It was a big day, but now people on social media have more communication with us, so we got too much feedback, Sim Simard said.

Di Now it's time to see if we can do something with this law.

L & # 39; la de la francophonie de ltarioOntario (AFO) chairman Carol Jolin addressed the media on Sunday. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

Ashley Fraser /


First of all we want to put pressure on the two resolutions and then the legislation will come to the committee. I don't know if someone will make a change for this to happen, but we need to see what the next steps are.

Uk It's moving at a very fast pace, and I think we've been successful in some terms. Because the government has a reaction and this is already a step. So now we can do more. "

Simard said he was committed to working with the Ford government and said he poured cold water on a Toronto Star report, and the PC party insiders were worried about a possible deviation from government banks.

Simard said you were planning to cross the ground.

. I don't know where that came from, but it didn't come from me, ”he said to reporters after the town hall on the tail of a scrum.

On Saturday, Simard tweeted a one-word "Résistons (Resist)" message, accompanied by a letter signed by his 111 "francophone and francophile" lawyer who supported his opposition to government plans.

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Du It would be great to just call us to talk to us. So we can sit together and look at the whole number and try to find solutions together, birlikte says Jolin. Orum And we need to get all the information, because the Ford government doesn't even understand the francophone community and even the French service commissioner, and I feel what it means to the francophone community.

”I hope we'll have a conversation this week, sooner or later.“

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