Saturday , July 31 2021

Serge Ibaka and Pacal Siakam's evolution, adding muscle to striped raptors

Any NBA team who learn to come face to face with the Toronto Raptors is facing a highly complex task.

When it comes to preparing for opponents, opponents cannot focus solely on limiting star stars Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard. Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam also cause headaches with their developing games.

Rappers, 11-1, the only missing team in the NBA. Now, when they return home after sweeping the four-game West Coast trip, they're sitting at the top of the league after the best start in the history of the franchise. Lowry helps in a game of average 11.3 – a total of 135 – both of which lead in the league. Leonard played only eight games, but there were 26 points, 8 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.8 steals. So it is natural to be in these two.

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If opponents are drowned in the hectic turbulence of NBA programs, if they cannot go beyond these two stars, it will be easier to burn with Ibaka and Siakam.

The last two seasons of Ibaka were occasional, but the opponents were suddenly forced to look once again. This season, moving forward from the power moved to the center. The average 17.7 points and 7.9 rebounds taken are both high in their nine-year NBA career. The 6-foot-10, 235-pound Congolians spend more time in the paint and make defensive challenges against the athletics. Jonas Valanciunas, the 7-meter center of Ibaka and Toronto, now divides the position into two, so they are not at the same time creating more space.

“Yes, yes, I like it. I get more comfortable, orum Ibaka said. ”It's easier to have only one, and we have four guards out there, and it opens up for everyone.“

Ibaka says Lowry's star ball delivery makes things easier for everyone. Ibaka no longer lives far beyond the arc. It was a game of 3.9 three-game last season and only 6.4 pointer. This year, achieving a success of 2.3 and greater is achieving 2.3 and greater success. He and Siakam are now the top five in the NBA with two percentage points shooting. Ibaka rose 34 points to Los Angeles last week.

“You have to choose which one is the best. Everyone can do everything at the highest level. So, you choose someone you think might help your game, “Ibaka said., I like to keep getting this paint early and trusting myself. I'm not trying to force you to look for a triple, but if the three's open, I'm gonna shoot him. "

The average 7-meter opposite center finds it difficult to chase Ibaka.

Fazla Not too much [centres] He can protect him, ”Siakam Ibiza. Ve In the middle range and also [small forward]and that makes it very difficult [centres] To protect him. Also, a lot of [power forwards] They are like little ones, so it can be hard to keep up with them, but [centre] Great for him. There's a better gap, and he can take the elders out. "

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Siakam is now a huge source of energy for this year's Raptors in the third NBA season. It's not the raw talent you see on the countertop anymore. This year, Siakam began the 11th game of Toronto's 12 games, winning 12.5 points and seven rebounds.

Raptors are hosting for the next three matches. On Saturday, 3:00 in the morning, 4-8 New York are hosting the Knicks. tipoff. Early start-up for a team returning from a weekend trip to West, which has four nights of play in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, can be difficult. When visiting the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday, the Detroit Pistons will come to the city on Wednesday and will be an emotional game. The pistons are led by former Raptors coach Dwane Casey.

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