Wednesday , October 20 2021

Secret Santa Pays $ 430,000 in Walmart for Walks – Tyler Perry


Christmas arrived early for hundreds of families thanks to Tyler Perry.

Earlier this week, the actor and filmmaker paid off all the roads in Walmart, Atlanta, Georgia.

Between the two stores, Perry paid $ 432,635 for the layaways. All the lucky shoppers have to pay a penny at the time they take their stuff to take home.

The movie star tried to do a good job anonymously, but the unpredictable circumstances reveal him as the Secret Santa.

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Ğ Merry Christmas to all! Res Perry said an official video was officially on the move. ”I know it's been a difficult time, many people struggle and I'm really grateful to be able to do that.“

Among the thousands of followers who have been praised for the kindness of Perry, Walmart posted a Twitter page. promise: Und I know, hopefully, whether it's anonymous or not, I think it's for Christmas. You went up and beyond. Thank you."

(WATCH Perry's announcement video is below) Photo by Tyler Perry

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