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Second degree murder, manslaughter for murdering Ottawa journalist / photographer


TORONTO – Two men charged with the murder of promising Ottawa music journalist and photographer Zack Noureddine were found guilty of a second-degree murder and manslaughter after a one-second meeting by a jury.

The jury wiped away tears after second-degree murder after the jury charged her with first degree murder. Matthew Moreira also appeared horny after he was acquitted of the murder, but he also included a crime of manslaughter resulting in the death of a 25-year-old victim on December 25, although he was less convicted.

Smith was also found guilty of attacking Noureddine's friend Mitchell Conery, and Moreira was found guilty of robbing Conery.

”I was both disappointed that I hoped both would be found guilty of murder,“ he said. The father of Zack, the son of Zack, lost his son to a violent act of robbery.

Hassan Noureddine is in front of his murdered son, Zack Noureddine. Zack Noureddine was killed in Toronto.

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Or Our hope is that the judge is fit to make these killers the longest possible sentence. I hope the judge accepts that the robbery is a very aggravating factor in this robbery crime, son says Hasan, a software engineer and father of three engineers.

Di It wasn't Zack they were targeting – it could be anybody. It could have been any Canadian citizen, and Zack paid for the wrong place at the wrong time, bir Hassan said.

Ti Zack was a very kind and generous young man who fed the homeless people he saw on the streets, Hass Hassan said. Düz He was his best friend, and he had dozens of friends.

Oc The most difficult thing a parent has to do to bury the child. “

The Crown claimed that Smith, Moreira, and Will Cummins committed first-degree murder at the same time killing Noureddine and also restricting Conery as a rogue and illegal.

Smith, 28, attempted to rob a more robbery, while 34-year-old man claimed he was guilty of robberies. This guilty satisfaction, refused by the Crown.

The crown claimed that it was a deliberate murder: a vicious robbery committed while the victim was illegally bound.

When Noureddine dies, Conery loses his glasses and the Cummins are sucker-punched. Moreira then put her foot on Conery and said, ery Give me the wallet and we're done, daha the court said. Conery didn't have a wallet.

Cummins and Smith attacked Noureddine, punched him and knelt. Smith also hit the victim on the head. The court said that a small neck bone between the thickness of a dime or nickel was torn apart, an artery was cut and caused a fatal bleeding.

The court, more than one among the emotions, Noureddin, was held by Moreira, Conery.

Exploding The bosses from Louis Bar and Grill shouted and came to the aid of the victim, but the fatal damage was already done.

Cummins, Smith and Moreira were drinking heavily and drinking marijuana. Smith consumed cocaine that night.

Cummins will have his own trial for firing his lawyer after the first hearing, which resulted in a hearing last year.

Noureddine moved from Ottawa to Toronto a few years ago to pursue her career dreams.

Justice Suhail Akhtar will punish two killers on 29 March.

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