Wednesday , December 1 2021

Scientists Find Strange Seismic Rumbling Source in Indian Ocean – Report



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The seismic signal, which initially amazes scientists, is a product of submarine volcanic activity, such as swelling or swallowing of the submarine or submarine.

A private seismologist had succeeded in uncovering the nature of the strange seismic event around Mayotte, a French island in the Mozambique Channel between mainland Africa and Madagascar.

In early November, scientists were stunned by the discovery of low-frequency tremor, which sent seismic rumbling on the surface of most of the planet.

And now, an independent seismological consultant named Anthony Lomax told The Daily Mail that the rumors are bir almost certain The that the “low-level underwater volcanic eruption in the north-east of Mayotte Ve.

"The swelling / collapse and collapse of the volcano caldera and the motion of the magma under a volcano can produce a wide range of seismic signals, including long and repeated waves such as observed on November 11th."

Enigmatic rumbling was first detected on November 11, and low-frequency waves were triggered by sensors, away from their origin, but also by locals.

Between May and November this year, Mayotte Island hit a series of low-grade earthquakes with the strongest clock speed of 5.8 on May 15th.

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