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Savun Vast üyor sources, links turn Huawei CFO into risk of flight, Crown defends


VANCOUVER – The media was flooded with B.C. On the morning of Vancouver as an international scandal, the Supreme Court of Appeals announced the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

A broadcast ban on the case was abolished and speculation was being made about why Meng was arrested as he was transferring flights to Vancouver on 1 December at the request of authorities in the United States.

While demanding his extradition from Canada, Meng appeared in court for a bail hearing in order to determine whether he would remain in custody. Meng, wearing a green sweater, was relieved in court and even shared a smile with his lawyer.

An order from officials in New York claimed that Meng had worked as a company called SkyCom to conduct business in Iran and that the United States' sanctions against the country were violated. .

The crown also suggested that Meng was an example of avoiding the United States, arguing that an investigation was suspected. The court was transferred from Hong Kong to Mexico with a border, while Meng was arrested in Vancouver.

Meng may face up to 30 years for each wage, but the number of charges has not occurred.

Meng's lawyers claimed that he had no flight risk because his family's reputation would be harmed if he violated any possible conditions of release and that he was at the same time arguing that the claims in the United States were not fully elaborated.

Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurland said the bail investigation would likely take weeks. It is stated that the extradition proceedings may last for years depending on whether there is an appeal.

Iğ You have a burden to show that you are not at risk of flight and you are trying to comply with the process. As he usually does, the person deals with the special guards who, at his own expense, monitor them independently with a 24-hour security. "Said.

Acak Secondly, it will bring electronic monitoring together and you will need somewhere (to stay). So you must have a residence where all this is possible. "

Nelson Cunningham, a former US federal prosecutor and a special adviser to the Clinton administration, said he expected the rest of the bars to await the return of Meng.

Olasılığı In the systems I know, such a person would be more likely to be detained while the issues are being tried. They carry the risk of such a flight, because we know that if he leaves Canada, he will go to China and he will go beyond the process, ris Cunningham said.

Bırakıl I would be shocked if he was released on bail. “

Meng joined Huawei as vice president and finance manager and was the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of the company. China's embassy in Ottawa was detained and demanded that Meng's "personal freedom" be restored.

Canada's extradition law stipulates that a person must face charges in Canada as well as for a criminal offense that demands extradition.

Cunningham's suspected arrest of Meng may be seen as a warning against those who oppose US sanctions, including Iran's transport, finance and energy sectors.

”Within the Trump administration, there are strong cross-currents here,“ he said. ”Because they want to punish Iran by limiting trade and punishing companies that violate these sanctions.“

The move, however, may also have repercussions for Canadian-Chinese relations.

Kanada I can imagine that the Chinese government can put a lot of pressure on the Canadian government, C Cunningham said.

Ne There is a great deal of disagreement between the United States and its closest allies, I believe that Canada is one of them, what kind of sanctions should be applied against Iran and what sanctions should be done. “

Meanwhile, Kurland wonders if any Canadian business interests are the target of any retaliation in China.

) Is it more risky for Canadian businessmen to visit China? What if a senior Canadian businessman of China takes retaliatory action with nab-and-grab? Now what? Dedi Kurland said.

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