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Santa will participate in the gray cup parade in downtown


RCMP accompanies Gray Cup, shattered on Jasper Street on November 24, 2018.

Paige Parsons, Postmedia

Stampeders, Redblacks Red Crushers? Football fans from all over the country, the common Gray Trophy-Santa Claus parade took the city center on Saturday and took Jasper Avenue on Saturday.

Ottawa Redblacks and Calgary Stampeders will be playing for Canada's most competitive trophy on Sunday. However, the sea of ​​the jerseys and fan team covering the passage route made it difficult to predict which clubs would be on the field.

The fans of Edmonton Eskimos went out exactly as the bright green Saskatchewan Roughriders team.

Roughriders, along with his family on the way of passage, wearing a crown of wheat stalks, "Only your blood flowing," he said.

His parents came from Saskatchewan to join. Regardless of whether or not the beloved Roughriders played, they went to several Gray Cup festivals over the years.

Edi And somehow, somehow, there is always a union of Riders' fans in the parade, ich added his wife, Linda Hackewich.

Then a band of Riders with fans passed in the past. Hackewich's parents left their places on the sidewalk and joined.

Other members of the crowds, Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and B.C. Lions.

Of course, the fans in Ottawa and Calgary also joined the stakes for their team.

The Puleders fan Celeste Awe spent a snowstorm last night to come here. The CN Gray Cup parade took place in the long list of Gray Cup events that she and her husband planned to join.

”We'll take everything,“ he said.

A Saskatchewan Roughriders fan watches the Gray Cup Parade in Edmonton.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

For many, the game is just a cap for real fun: long time Postmedia sports columnist parade like CN Gray Cup Parade led by Terry Jones whose parade and pre-game events.

Many families were prepared for cold weather, with children in snow shoes and blankets wrapped together.

I It could be worse, etrafında said Edmonton Transit driver Sharon Gilbert, who pulled the park hood tightly around his face. She came with her daughters Zayla and Angel Boswell.

Gilbert said he was going to take the bus during a game on Sunday, so the festivities on Saturday gave him and her girls the chance to take the fun.

But everyone's participation wasn't competing to take a look at the Gray Cup: six-year-old Mayra Mazive just kept an eye on Santa Claus.

U I want a mermaid Barbie,, Mayra said as she stepped into the podium, asking for her holiday wish list, waiting to get red to come.

This year the city's annual Parade Pass joins the Gray Cup festivals, and Mr. Claus attends the parade on Jasper Street on Saturday.

The Gray Cup festival continues until 9:30 in the morning. Jasper Avenue and 97 Avenue. Take a look at the zip line, the artificial ski top, the gigantic slide and many free games and prizes.

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Highlights from Gray Cup Parade

The Posse members of the Edmonton Sheriff are included in the Gray Cup Parade.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

Winnipeg's Ken Burns is photographed while shooting at the Gray Cup Pass.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

Members of the Esks Force Hype Team are included in the Gray Cup Parade.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

A Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan follows the Gray Cup Parade.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

An exciting Sydney Stringfellow, 2, watching the Gray Cup Parade.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

Santa Claus lies in Gray Cup Parade.

David_Bloom David Bloom /

David Bloom / Postmedia

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