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San Junipero Black Mirror Oral History


Yorkie and Kelly in the Black Mirror.
Picture: Netflix

Your weekend reading assignment: a few days ago, Vulture wrote an excellent comprehensive, comprehensive oral history Black Mirror The episode çarpıcı San Junipero Jun is a stunning tale about queerness, love and second chances.

This is a wonderful piece, and Brooker says some interesting things about the rotational nature of the episode;

Onları I thought we were giving great tips, but people didn't usually pick them! “ I went to explain:

There is a moment when the guy in Tucker shows this arcade driving game to Yorkie and a car hits the screen. It has a terrible instinctive reaction because it reminds him of a car crash that paralyzed him. After understanding what it is, it makes a perfect sense. We put the noise of a car accident into the soundtrack, so I thought people would leave right away, ide Oh, he was in a car accident in real life. 39 But no one ever gets him to a third look.

The other big lead was playing the role of bir A Girl in a Coma uy in a shot of Smiths' Yorkie. You see, I think viewers write all these little details! But they're not. People only realize that a drawing is not logical. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to give the audience a chance to get it, because otherwise it may seem like a complete trick.

Writing amazing drawings Black Mirror It must be a constant challenge and Brooker apparently did not think it would attract him. The whole story is packed with such fun tips – or as they are to feel each other, young Kelly played Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who played the great Kelly Denise Burse along with his lines of trade and studying each other's tracks.

Orum San Junipero i was a striking part of the television – it is still very upsetting to read about it – and I strongly recommend you to check this thing out.

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