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Saga State celebrates SaGa Frontier Remastered with SaGa Bath campaign

Japanese makes more sense.

back in the early days final fantasy its popularity was growing steadily, gradually it began to focus less on story-driven gameplay experiences and on the exploration and character building aspects of role-playing.

However, it’s there to take the slack of all that hardcore role playing thrown in. final fantasy was the cousin series Right. With a huge roster of characters and an expansive open world in a branching story, it was a tough series, but in Japan it was well received by critics and gamers alike. Actually, one of the most popular titles, Right boundary, has been recently remastered and re-released on PlayStation4, Switch, Steam, iOS and Android.

▼ The trailer alone takes about seven minutes to explain everything

Here to celebrate that honor SaGa Limit‘s longstanding ally, Saga Province. Thanks to their homonymous ties, the prefecture and RPG franchises have gone through a series of collaborations dating back to 2014, when they launched a series of delicious but sometimes exorbitant Aritayaki dishes. These frequent projects are collectively named Romantic Epic, shares pronunciation, but not capitalization, Romantic SaGa sub-series wider Right franchise

▼ Romancing Saga includes special versions of local Black Mont Blanc ice cream sticks

Now they’re teaming up for them SaGa Bath campaign that makes more sense when you know it SaGa Limit Usually abbreviated as “.SaGa Furoin Japanese ” and “hole” is also the Japanese word for “bath”.

ten new Right– themed manhole covers and three Aritayaki panel monuments will be installed at three of Saga’s hot spring areas: Ureshino, Takeo and Furuyu. The ceramic panels will measure approximately 60 centimeters by 90 centimeters (23 inches by 35 inches) and SaGa Limit artist Tomomi Kobayashi.

It will also be a very simple digital stamp rally that requires people to walk just 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) from Saga Station to the Saga Castle Historical Museum. After recording the journey on Saga’s official walking app, Sagatoco, and showing it to staff at the Saga Balloon Museum, You can get a set of stickers based on manhole cover designs.

▼ The manholes themselves are visible along the route

Of course, going to Saga Province isn’t a huge incentive, but that’s still a big deal in Japan, partly by design with COVID-19.

▼ Saga recommends to listen to the theme “Sewage” from: Romantic SaGa and equipping a Mont Blanc ice cream for the trek

▼ “Sewer” Romantic SaGa

“I always look forward to this collaboration,” he said. Right Its creator, Akitoshi Kawazu, said, “It’s a pity that this event is small due to the pandemic, but I hope people can have as much fun as possible.”

▼ Akitoshi Kawazu

More SaGa Bath events are also planned for this year as the situation hopefully improves. It’s a pretty long wait for fans of the series, but the good thing is, if you start right away and work really hard on it, you still have a slim chance. SaGa Limit until autumn.

Source: Sports Hochi, PR Times
Pictures: PR Times
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