Saturday , July 2 2022

Russia to "confirm" the month of the US landing on the upcoming mission – National


MOSCOW – Russia's president of the Roscosmos space agency says a Russian mission to the Moon will be charged with verifying that the American moon landings are real.

Russian authorities call for downfall in the US

Dmitry Rogozin said on Saturday in the video, Twitter We wanted them to check that they didn't have this goal. Twitter

Rogozin was answering a question as to whether NASA had entered the island almost 50 years ago. He looked like he was joking, he grinned as he answered, and shrugged. But the conspiracies surrounding NASA's moon missions are common in Russia.

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The Soviet Union left the month program after four experimental moon rocket explosions in the mid-1970s.

In 2015, the former spokesman for the Russian Research Committee called for an investigation into the month's descent of NASA.

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