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Red Dead Redemption 2's lack of power curve is a problem.

who play Red Dead Atonement 2 In PlayStation 4, only 40% have completed Part 3. One month after the game was released, most PS4 players could not pass through the middle of the game. The game offers many alternative activities to engage people. But another thing may be preventing players from completing Arthur's story: the powerless curve.

In the context of the game, a oyun power curve ”points to a sense of progress and is particularly common in open world plays. Legend of Zelda: Breath of savagesFor example, you start with three hearts and a swimsuit. You're weak, you're capable of being killed by a random bokoblin in one stroke. At the end of the game, you obtained enough armor to fill the heaps of hearts and a scrap heap.

The slow progression of becoming a powerful Ganon killer constantly encourages new temples and dungeons. Discovery and new experiences are rewarded with a stronger character than ever before. Scrolls, Fallout and Assassin's Creed series follow this general model.

Rockstar's other open world series, Grand Theft Auto, has a strong power curve. when Started Grand Theft Auto 5None of the main characters has most of the equipment or capabilities. Although, after a few dozen hours, they were able to search for tanks and harrier jets and various other destructive destruction vehicles.

Red Dead Atonement 2 jetpacks and lack of rocket launchers. But Arthur's lack of progress (and in some ways regression) for dozens of hours means that a smaller number of carrots can swing before players encourage them to complete the story.

How does the game motivate you?

There are four different progress hooks Red Dead Atonement 2: cores, weapons, horses and camp.

Although you can play the core, play the story and play around the map, you will kill and sprint. They don't feel like a strong source of progress because they can spread 10 percent longer or do an extra shot.

Weapons could offer a more exciting solution to the power curve problem, but after the second part, none of the weapons you unlocked are significantly different from the games you started. It is very difficult to unlock a pistol with a slightly longer range than your last pistol.

Horses also offer a potential way to proceed, but the difference between a middle-class horse and an elite horse can be ignored. You can also access one of the best horses in the game for free, in the first few hours of the game, which removes this progress completely from the equation.

The biggest investment in the game, your camp has some decent upgrades (especially the fast travel system), but it's also around half the story. The best available handbag is the most challenging camping upgrade and lets you move to 99 box beans in a little comic.

Story tasks begin to feel like homework without meaningful progress. Given the tone of these dark and depressing tasks, it is particularly brutal. The only motivation factor begins to see how this horror show ends.

The scene of the game, writing and performance are moving from stage to scene, but even these increases are not enough to motivate a game of a 60-hour story and require a lot of joy and repeated trotting. the same ways. Side quests offer a respite, even if you quickly accept that the prizes given to complete them are effectively the missions, with story spans and lighter shades that last for hours.

The game rarely adds to Arthur's new tools, adding the best side quests to similar tasks framed even in very few different ways: collecting a loan, playing a salon game, driving a car from A to B, some cover – Make basic shooting and then pamper yourself before the law emerges. The smallest of these missions keeps cutscenes and fresh beyond dialogue.

The opposite argument of all this was that Rockstar did not try to make a power fantasy. He was just trying to make a realistic adventure game in an open world and he's always trying to win new prizes. Only if there is no reward, it makes sense. But there's a ton from guns to treasures, horses to cores. They rarely significant awards.

How about Red Dead Online?

And Rockstar has another problem: Red Dead Online. Grand Theft Auto Online was launched five years ago and has always tried to give players something to have a military base or a jet-powered hovercar.

One day after his launch, Red Dead Online, Red Dead Redemption 2. I don't know how many players will take dozens of hours for a different color horse. After a six-hour game, I got 90 percent of the tools on my toolkit, and I've had so little desire to make hundreds of dollars on hard money on a slightly different repeater.

In the long run, Red Dead Online may require a large tonal change, similar to the original Red Dead Redemption Reds Immortal nightmare expansion that opens the potential of progress with mystical monsters and weapons.

Rockstar created a visually realistic digital world Red Dead Atonement 2. However, perhaps the absence of fun new toys that can play as a nuisance to this realism is one of the main things that will prevent people from seeing the story of Rockstar's treasure chest.

It's an irony, I think: Players won't see the result of a story about how corrupt their forces are because they don't have the power fantasy they expect.

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