Friday , October 22 2021

Reaves: Signed Wilson Shot Destructed Photos


Photos signed by Ryan Reaves Vegas Golden Knights Looking Forward Tom Wilson According to the team and Reaves, after the Washington Capitals' wings were on ice on Tuesday night, they were "destroyed".

The Las Vegas-based commemorative company, Inscriptagraphs, started selling books on Reaves' "Tuesday night," a book running with a lion in the woods.

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Courtesy of eBay via ESPN

Inscriptagraphs removed the photo from the website on Thursday, and a copy was removed from eBay.

Golden Knights communications and content vice president Eric Tosi told ESPN that al photos are not distributed and are gone ic. he wanted them to be destroyed. Reaves added that no copies were sold.

In a recent competition against the capital on Tuesday, Wilson caught Wilson when he looked at the ice until late. He won accurate hits in the first two periods of the game, but both nights ended when Reaves hit Wilson. Wilson, who had slipped back to the capital, threw the letter with a backhand on the blueline and watched his nose hit him on the shoulder of Reaves. Wilson's helmet came in and started shooting his naked head on ice. He hasn't played since.

The 31-year-old claimed that he did not face any additional discipline for hitting and should be removed on Tuesday night.

Reaves said, uğ It was a man's play over there. "If he sees me, I know he will try to understand, and I won't let that happen. I thought he had a shoulder and I didn't think it was this late."

Wilson, who missed the first 16 games of the season depending on the season, was listed daily by Captials, an upper body injury.

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