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Read This Before You Buy 4K TV For Black Friday Or Any Sales Event –


Stephan Jukic – November 23, 2018

Just before this year's Black Friday sales event, even for a few days, there's plenty of really good 4K TV deals. In, we thought that we offered honest strong discount prices for what we see as a professional good television. Most of these are listed at the bottom of this post. However, this improvement and filtering does not apply to every 4K TV discount and the discount prices for most of the products you see on sale are not as real as it really is. Worse, or even worse, the TVs offered are not as good as they're hypothesized, despite their low prices. Then of course there are also technical issues to consider when choosing the right TV for your needs.

We've put together this key so that the potential buyer can troubleshoot these issues, and make sure you're spending every dollar of your UHD TV budget on something you'll really appreciate for a long time. If you don't know exactly what to look for when buying your own 4K TV, you really need to know the tips. Lets start.

Count the connection port

Today's brand name The majority of its 4K TVs come with high-standard numbers and ports in this year or any new year, and more than just those for your normal external device for your connection needs. In most of these TVs, the normal pattern consists of:

  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB ports
  • 1 Digital Optical Audio Output port
  • 1 Analog Audio Output 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 Tuner (Cable / Ant) port
  • 1 Ethernet port

Read This Before You Buy 4K TV for Black Friday Cyber ​​Week

These may vary slightly with some TVs that have only two USB ports or three of them but are 2.0 type instead of the more powerful 3.0 types. There may be no tuner or analog audio connection on other televisions. Others (quite few) don't have a tuner. Another important issue may be the nature of the HDMI ports. All four of the best connected 4K TVs have 4K HDR switching capabilities, and some offer only a few HDMI sockets. The bottom line here is something you really need to check out before purchasing any TV, because if you need this extra USB port on four HDMI ports or a full 4K HDR transition, then there won't be a bummer. you have already taken your new TV home and unpacked.

Go to HDR

The HDR or high dynamic range is still not dominating the vast majority of today's digital content, but it is growing steadily and you can be confident that it will become almost universal in 4% of 4K video sources and console games. . In a few years we can start seeing HDR format too much for ordinary HD broadcast TV programs. For this reason, and because HDR really looks good when viewed on a television that can actually do this, you really need to have a TV that can really do that.

Fortunately, most of today's new 4K TVs have at least some kind of HDR display capability, and this is true even for almost all budget TV models since 2017. This feature will only become better and more common in all ultra HD TV models. That's why he can go for it right now. Premium and ultra-premium 4K HDR TVs offer a superior high dynamic range with higher peak brightness, stronger contrast, and richer color performance, but even cheaper models can take some of these important aspects of HDR to some degree .


Check refresh rate

Almost all 4K TVs sold in North America will either have a natural 120Hz refresh rate or 60 Hz refresh rate built into their screens. The other numbers you see are just a hype for motion interpolation cheats, which artificially "increases" these local refresh rates. However, even with these advanced numbers, things go just so far, so for a 4K TV that claims to increase motion at 240Hz, there is actually a 120Hz panel & 120Hz offering a development of TV & For what's actually happening, it's 60Hz. renovation

Now, TVs with both 60Hz and 120Hz screen refresh rates will perform perfectly with most TV content, but a 120Hz natural refreshing TV stream, especially for superior streaming for streaming, irradiated, published, or hard drive content will offer processing and motion blur control. The difference is not great, but it is important that you are a big sports fan and many action film fans. If this is the case, and if you want such content to become really fluent, we strongly recommend a 120KHz 4K TV, but they tend to be more expensive.

Worry about Smart TV

Smart TV platforms are now in almost all 4K TVs. This was certainly not the case in the old days of 2014, when old mainstream models emerged, but it is now standard. However, not all smart platforms are created equally and some brands, such as Samsung, provide smarter functionality and content application access than others.

However, this is not the least important thing, because regardless of the smart platform of your 4K TV, you can always buy an external streaming media bar or set-top box for use on the local platform. Today, some of them have a part of the Roku TV platform, like those made by Roku, and it certainly comes with a perfect app / smart TV content layout to play. They also cost less than $ 50 from Amazon Fire 4K TV stick, which is quite cheap, and is currently a really good streaming media box like Roku Ultra selling (only Black Friday only as far as we know) $ 49.99.

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In other words, never allow a TV's local intelligent function to decide to buy the TV. If the TV is a great but lousy platform, take it and buy a better TV if it's a lousy TV with a great platform, forget it and fit yourself to your budget, smart functionality can be resolved later.

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Avoid anything that is very cheap at the price

Some have really good, really affordable 4K TVs and can be incredibly cheap. In fact, some of the Black Friday deals at the bottom of this article cover most of these models with honest prices at fair prices. However, there is a limitation and there is a role to play in brand reputation.

In a basic sense, they have cheap televisions that are cheaply priced and cheaper because they have cheaper TVs. Avoid even if you think you've saved a lot of money, because if the TV hits you in a matter of months or even 4K resolution will be exposed to such poor image quality, the dollar you're buying will cost you a lot. t Save.

Here is a good basic rule (even if it looks like a bit of snot) to have a good reputation for brands with branded brands, at a reasonable price. Our TV review and main TV ranking page on this site have some good guidelines. Another good rule is to buy 4K TVs with less than $ 300. Almost all of them came from brands that are either brand models or simply do not deliver a reasonable performance.

Black Friday Deals Samsung NU6900 2018 4K HDR TV

Watch out for used / refurbished 4K TVs

As a consequence, we recommend you to pay attention to the amazing opportunities that appear to be inexpensive, as they use truly renewed models on 4K TVs. Now, this rule is a rule that requires some qualification. If a particular TV comes with a firm warranty of at least 1 year from the vendor itself, it can still be a big problem, even if it is a refurbished model. After all, against the problems. Nevertheless, it is a bad idea to get a 4K TV, no matter how much discount you get, because without warranty, make sure that the situation is like this before you buy. A good example of a reliably refurbished model will be those that are offered in Amazon and supported by the retail giant itself with a 1-year warranty. They are usually cheaper than new versions and are also quite a safe bet.

Now that you've gone through these important hints, you'll find here 4K TVs and electronic devices curated and really perfect Black Friday deals. All of the following offer high-quality TVs and other electronic products at prices that mean really high value for your money.

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