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Princess Diana King Edward, Writer Leads to the Royal Family After The Damage & # 39; Why is that

Princess Diana, the British royal family may have done more damage than people think.

The Prince and the Princess of Wales tied a knot knot to a fairytale wedding, but romance ended in a nightmare. And Andrew Diana once again caused a jolt inside the Firm, after a biography of Andrew Morton.

The royal biography, Christopher Wilson (as quoted by Express), “when Andrew Morton's book came out was a national scandal. "[Diana] He was indicted for this and has done more to the British royal family than anything else since harassment. "

Stephen Armstrong of The Sunday Times in Netflix's iles The Royals The documented how Princess Diana influenced the royal family. "Diana's media strength has risen," he said. "The royal family realized they had it. [Charles] She married the wrong person and it was a disaster. There was no power in the royal family to keep the marriage together. "

Princess Diana previously explained why her marriage to Prince Charles hit rock bottom. According to him, "we had three in this marriage;" Prince Charles and Camilla were referring to Parker Bowles' case.

According to body language expert Judi James, Prince Charles and Princess Diana showed signs of an unsuccessful marriage even in their marriage days. Their actions were apparently "easy to perceive as shyness and nervous signs" aroused by love, but it was actually not.

. It is easy to look at the body language signals of Charles and Diana on their wedding day and to see the traces of future marriage frameworks from the filter of backward information, “explains James. Der The bachelor who had believed in this bevy bachelor had waited long before he found his bachelor lem and the young, shy nursery girl he had chosen had deep love and love for life. "

As Prince waited while pointing to ard steepled brows dedi, he said ini duty ades and the Prince of Wales said, 39 it looked like one of the quietest suffering. James

Prince Charles and Camilla revived their romance and married many years after the death of Princess Diana. Queen II. They reported that they had a hard time to win Elizabeth and the sympathy of the people.

However, recently, the Queen recognized the Duchess of Cornwall during her 70th birthday celebration of Prince Charles. This led Camilla to believe that the royal court finally received the seal of approval.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana Princess Diana has done more to the royal family since the throne of King Edward VIII. Picture: Prince Charles and Princess Diana, 28 February 1982 in Westminster Abbey, London, serving the Royal College of Music for the centenary. Photo: Getty Images / Fox Pictures

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