Saturday , October 23 2021

Princess Charlotte reached a very special (and fun) landmark this week


How nice for him!

2018 was a year for the British royal family!

They had two great weddings, an announcement of a pregnancy, and they met a new prince exponentially.

All in all, a very exciting year.

However, we must also remember the small milestones that have occurred.

Take Princess Charlotte as an example; This week has reached a very special turning point.

princess charlotte

The lovely little Charlotte enjoyed a passage on Thursday for every little child.

Willcocks Nursery School, the school where Princess Charlotte has been going on since January, hosted annual Christmas performances for students.

How sweet?

This is not the first Eid day for Princess Charlotte!

She had a festive day with her mother last week and attended the special performance of The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House.

princess charlotte

While Kate was chatting to other guests, little Charlotte held his mother's hand with patience.

Charlotte's school belongs to Lavinia Taylor and costs £ 14,500 a year.

According to the website, Willcocks Nursery is a traditional kindergarten aimed at exhibiting high standards, excellence and good behavior.

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