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Policy Briefing: The Liberal MP suddenly leaves for, serious personal challenges Politika


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Another MP goes to the exit before next year's federal elections. Liberal deputy, Raj Grewal, is coming down from the Eastern Seat of Brampton. No reason was given yet to resign: on Facebook, Mr Grewal said he had left for Prime and Truth for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Bay personal and medical reasons İst. Twitter said There were söyl serious personal difficulties ”and hoped that Mr. Grewal would ğu get the support he needed“.

This will open up to six seats in the House of Commons, soon empty or soon.

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Mr. Grewal's resignation also reveals the dilemma of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Mr. Singh worked for the party leader while sitting in the Ontario legislature last year. He hasn't won a seat at the federal level yet. Singh & # 39; s plan on the other side of the country Burnaby, B.C. & # 39; However, Mr. Grewal's immediate resignation opens a closer home: Brampton East's riding boundaries are quite similar to what Mr. Singh represents at the provincial level. Running in Burnaby seemed like a tough fight, running in Brampton could be a sure bet.

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House of Commons discusses work-work legislation for today Canada Post workers and senators are ready to sit during the weekend if they have to pass legislation to legislation. The unions say they're not happy with the possibility of getting back to work. Remember, if you're taking advantage of any online Black Friday sale today, a mail break will result in some delays in getting your discounted products.

Russia encouraged by Kremlin critics to help rescue Russia Interpol.

Federal government said it is currently budgeting Spends one billion dollars annually on operating expenses.

The National Capital Commission said it would cost $ 34.5 million to correct. 24 Sussex DriveIt is the declining official residence of the Prime Minister, or to reduce the $ 38.5 million and start over.

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Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said he wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make it easier to buy some rail vehicles with him. liquid oil outside the state and in the global market.

Last turn of the week B.C. legislative body drama: The MLAs say the President is the person whom the commissioner has commissioned to investigate the two senior officials, who are the persons whom the speakers wanted to establish when they were forcibly assigned.

Weeks later hemp legalized, a B.C. The manufacturer is already very close to the cancellation of its license.

And here in Ottawa, fans Senator Hockey Team they wonder what they're doing to deserve it. After a year in which players have been bad in both the ice and the air, the potential movement of the team in an arena is jeopardized. Ottawa Citizen says the sources behind the scenes are completely covered with Eugene Melnyk, the owner, who will not be surprised by the problem.

Campbell Clark (Sphere and Mail) Long wait to call Burnaby for selectionI To put it in perspective, Burnaby-South's former lawmaker, Kennedy Stewart, said he was running the entire municipal campaign, elected mayor of Vancouver, founded the administration, and – by the way, holding elections. To change it – he will have his first 100 days fulfilled his half-dozen promises or broken in the office. "

Gary Mason (Sphere and Mail) Oil dependence of the Alberta economyAc The expansion or absence of the Trans-Mountain pipeline is that oil demand will diminish and decrease significantly in the not-too-distant future. And no one in Alberta, certainly no one from his political leadership, wants to take over the matter. "

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Victorian Times-Colonist editor board dramatic: Mal This is not a way of executing a legislature, and MLAs should scream at the beams, rather than quietly walking like a flock of derek sheep. The media and the public are asking questions; So are the MLAs. "

Anne T. Donahue (Globe and Postal) The horror of Black Friday sales: ”I don't remember the first Black Friday I've worked with on my retail for ten years, but at some point I remember struggling with my knees in my knees, like Willem Dafoe in Plato, and the polo stack.:

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