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Phil Mickelson wins $ 9 million by beating Tiger Woods | Spore


Phil Mickelson gathered the fourth playoff hole close to the dark to win Tiger Woods and a match-game competition on The Match – for TV and a $ 9 million prize in Las Vegas.

Mickelson won a low competition contest that failed to live humbly by bringing together the 22nd hole in Shadow Creek and eventually made a field play.

The five-time win winner managed to win a bet of $ 200,000 (£ 156,000) in the opening hole and a total of $ 600,000 (up to $ 468,000) to win the closest three poker and reported that the money was from the players. themselves and charity to be forgiven.

Els One day like today wouldn't take anything from the size of the Tiger, it's the best of the time, but it's so much for me to have a little talk for the next few years because I don't have much, gün Mickelson said.

The majority of the game in Vegas was so mediocre that the various members of the commenting team moved to comment. Golf It's a bit of a peculiar golf,, said former NBA star Charles Barkley. Former Open champion Darren Clarke accepted after 10 holes: “We need a spark, we need something. Eski

Mickelson lined up after Woods' opening three holes before making his second tail before the previous hole, but Woods was first on the front for at least the 11th and 12th centuries.

Mickelson won his third closest competition and won $ 300,000 (£ 234,000) in victory, and after he failed, he turned his birdie putt into nine-stage highs before the 15th line. to get up and down from green.

Phil Mickelson touches the winning cards to seal his victory.

Phil Mickelson touches the winning cards to seal his victory. Photo: Kyle Terada / USA Sports Today

Mickelson wandered in the 15th, while the left-hander took over the lead when he tried to win the 17th game with the green shots of Woods. However, Woods whipped for an unexpected bird and Mickelson couldn't match with 12 feet, which was going to the 18th.

In I've been doing this bullshit for 20 years, ’he told me. He made his own five-po s eternity.

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Players returned to the 18th place for their first play-off hole, and Woods escaped from the seven ambulances for a winning bird, a jargon from green to 18.

Mickelson escaped 20 meters for the first game of the 93-foot hole and a five-foot bird for the second time, but did not make a mistake in the three feet to request the seal to be sealed for the third time.

Only 700 invited guests were allowed to watch the event billed as the first pay-per-view broadcast of golf. The fact that the viewers couldn't view the TV at $ 19.95 was marred by technical difficulties. Turner and Bleacher Report representatives sent social media links that allow people to view their computers and mobile devices for free.

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