Wednesday , October 20 2021

PETA threatens to sue Astral Media in Toronto as regards the abolition of Canadian Goose ads


Ethical Treatment of Animals People are threatening to sue the city of Toronto and Astral Media to remove Canada-Canada Goose ads.

The animal rights group said on Friday that they would launch legal proceedings against the city and Astral, and in September they would not re-publish the advertisements to Toronto's luxury jacket manufacturer to re-issue ads that criticize the use of goose fur and jackal fur. jackets.

The ads featured the captions of animals as "I am a living being, not a piece of fur" and "I am a living being, refilling the coat," and Canada's Goose's headquarters with the company's CEO Dani Reiss & # 39;

Christina Sewell, deputy director of PETA's clothing campaigns, had been working for the Canadian Press newspaper for less than 24 hours in September, although the ads will last for four weeks.

A woman wearing the Canada Goose jacket crosses PETA protestors in Canada in March 2017 in front of the New York Stock Exchange during Canada's IPO Water. (Mark Lennihan / AP)

"Astral let them know they had to pull the ads because they had a lot of complaints," he said.

A spokesperson for Astral & # 39; s Bell Media Inc. & # 39; s spokesman has confirmed that it has removed ads because they are not compatible with advertising organizations or a part of the Canadian Advertising Regulation Standards that have caused public mockery.

Ads did not violate standards, says PETA

PETA claims it didn't violate standards.

Or The position of PETA argues that this special work of the right to freedom of expression ın in its present form – the right to place it on city property and the abolition of works of art violates this right “. City on Thursday, Bell Media and Astral Media.

PETA has announced that legal action will be taken against Toronto and Astral Media if it does not republish the group that should be paid in September. (PETA / Canada Press)

When asked questions about ads, Toronto spokesman Eric Holmes said Astral was responsible for implementing "any and all decisions regarding the standards and the approval and abolition of advertising content related to these assets".

Describing the ads as "benign," said Sewell, not to republish the ads, but only if PETA decides to carry out its threats, there is no timeline for when to take legal action.

A Canada excavation spokesman did not respond to comment.

Canada defends the use of excavation fur

The company has long been in the cross lines of PETA.

PETA members, sometimes dressed as jackals, protested in front of the clothing company's stores and repeatedly blamed Canada Goose as "shameless cruelty".

"There are alternatives that are not so cruel and there are things made of plants or synthetic materials. The fur is very damaging to the environment." Sewell said that Canada was unable to contact PETA with Goose.

"We've been campaigning for a few years now and we've had a hard time getting a direct response from the company."

Canada Goose, previously complaining about the use of fur, is committed to the moral treatment of animals.

"We do not display maltreatment, negligence, or malicious behavior." Says. Mayan Our standards on the use and use of fur, feathers and wool reflect our commitment to ensure that the materials are not deliberately mistreated or subjected to unnecessary damage. “

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