Friday , March 5 2021

Persecution investigation on trapped raccoon left in water refuse

WARNING: The story contains a graphic photo

A raccoon who is an employee, survivor, and then partially sunk into a trash can with a Critter Care Wildlife Society, says that it is the worst animal cruelty he has ever seen.

"We always see horrible things … but I haven't seen an animal placed in a cage where it can't get out of the water," says Stijn Verhouven, assistant counsel for Critter Care.

According to the Critter Care Wildlife Society, the raccoon and the trap were immersed in this trash, partly filled with water. (Critter Care Wildlife Society)

Verhouven said the child had survived by sticking to the wire trap side, but died long after it was discovered.

She believes the animal is in the water for over a week. However, in the timeline, B.C. A persecution investigation launched SPCA.

"We must take all the facts," said Eileen Drever, a senior animal guard. "If a crime has been committed, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation, and indeed we will advise Crown Counsel."

On November 23, Critter Care said he had received a call from a panicked South Burnaby resident who reported that the landlord had left the trapped animal in the trash.

The raccoon was a woman weighing about 4, 5 kilograms. (Critter Care Wildlife Society)

"He had paws over his head for us and he had water on his head. And when he started talking with him, he looked up. [of the water]said Verhouven.

"I told her to keep her as warm as possible until we got there. She said that she breathed her last breath, but she thought it was on the spot.

The samaritan put the racket in a box with blankets and hot water bottles.

Verhouven was surprised to see that he got up even though he was so weak and weak. The animal survived the journey to the Langley Critter Care facility, but died shortly thereafter.

”He was really trying to fight, but he couldn't do it anymore,“ he said.

The body of the raccoon was sent to a laboratory for an autopsy in Victoria.

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