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Patrick Marleau's Maple Leafs irreplaceable

TORONTO – Just look at Patrick Marleau's current tricks and, yes, you might have a case.

The apparently indestructible hockey player, who still uses a two-piece bat and shifts his 39-year-old on a pair of paused sticks, ranks second in the Toronto Maple Leafs' salary table but only seventh in the team score.

There are five people and nine assists leaving the first person on the track and the locker room. Certainly, of course, however, the forward 0.56-point game speed follows him for 17 years during the least productive season.

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When the season began, and Marleau took his place at the top of Zach Hyman, they both did not hit insta-chemistry with the middle Auston Matthews on ice that was closed.

Since then, he has found more holes in the series than Nazem Kadri's wing, a charity he helped, and Toronto 's victory on Monday night against 4-2 & # 39;

But those who admire Marleau until they are attracted to a higher level and climb to a higher level, especially when the third year of Marleau, and especially the third year of the deal, breaks the record of NHL games.

In the development of Mitch Marner, Marleau's leading striker of Matthews and Leafs, Mike Babcock, the only employer who could possibly drive Marleau out of Marleau in his 2017 summer release. on the Monday he asked for help. He interrupted his inquiry.

“Like you said [Kasperi Kapanen] and anyone you don't hear? I Babcock fixed. "Like everyone else. Or any trainer or any coach, or anyone who will look like he / she might be tired that day.

“You can't change these things, especially with a young group. If you want to win, you must have people who do it right every day. It's hard to do every day right. Think about what you've done right every day, 82 times, where is there a microscope anytime, anywhere where everyone is watching you? It is good. "

If Marleau exploded in the game at 1,600 (we could add wells), Christina and his wife, Christina, applauded her long-applauded smartphone, and Bruins hit all of her clubs and surprised the player by honoring the club with the moment. Jumbotron, Gordie Howe, Mark Messier, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, Mark Recchi, Chris Chelios, Dave Andreychuk, Scott Stevens, Larry Murphy and Ray Bourque.

Lar What 10 or 11 times all? It's really remarkable to do it for so long and be as consistent and productive as it is, bir says John Tavares. Hazır How he carries himself, how he prepares himself, and how he plays the game – is a great example for everyone. He's really adjusting a ton in the locker room. You're hoping for some of these friction, so try to rub her shoulders with her and try and get to know her brain.

"Although he plays so long, he's just one."

Frederik Andersen invites the most modest man she has met to Marleau. Marner calls him GOAT. Matthews watch his movies and call him into his hotel room to hang out.

On the first voyage of the season, a group of children roughly jumped into the scooters of the entire age of his career, and Marleau was buzzing with them as he rode through the streets of D.C. & # 39;

Ağ The energy they have is flowing on you every day, so I'll use it as much as I can, Mar said Marleau. ”Everyone is still trying to be better, and I'm trying to do it myself, so it's fun.“

Logan Couture of San Jose is in contact with Marleau. Last season they would talk and Marleau would tell Couture how things were different in Toronto. Couture wasn't surprised by his full tank or his success in Toronto, but his way of becoming a silent mentor in Toronto is a reflection of the change in his blue-blue role.

“We are a more senior team than us. There wasn't a lot of opportunity for young children to get around like this, and show them that way, but he was very pleased to do that, şekil Couture explains.

Pek A man who has been in the league for 19 years is doing a lot of things right. If you get a few things from them, they will benefit you in the long run.

”He is still a very good player and will be a better player for a few years, certainly.“

Ironman now slipped in 733 consecutive games. She needs a second to think about her last serious injury. His serious idea may not be mine or yours. A broken hand in playoffs. A ruptured meniscus that requires surgery. But he, of course, he lived thanks. Because the extra tension and cold tub heals everything.

Babcock said, Bab I mean genetic. Iyor Very, very hard, incredible skater worked, loves the monotony of the game. Great, great person. You can continue: lucky with injuries, everything. Hardworking, great professional, wonderful person. It's very important for the team, and it's not even funny, and I'm not even talking about what it does on ice. He's great. "

If this former Reebok 9Ks could pump the remaining 82 matches in this season and the remaining 82 in 2019-20, Marleau will play the 1,739 game, place the third overall and meet Gordie's record on the 29th.

Imagine ovation, because you don't have to humility.

”It's a turning point night, ı Marleau said after Monday's size, gec it's much more enjoyable when you get two points.“

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