Friday , June 24 2022

Otter eats 3 more coals, avoiding getting caught in Chinatown park


Then there were four.

Dr. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen The number of koi remaining after seven to ten death counts after killing three of the decorative fishes at the weekend in the Classical Chinese Garden.

"We're sorry, but we're also trying to be promising," garden spokesman Debbie Cheung said on Sunday. Said.

The day before, the garden staff had a glimmer of hope when they captured and replaced a koi from the Vancouver Aquarium.

But it's hard to catch the other three, Cheung said. The staff walking in the ponds mixed a clay bed, mixed the water and warned the koi.

Cheung said the koi showed signs of stress and did not respond to a gona that was normally used to call them to eat in the water.

For now, a captured koi has been moved to the Vancouver Aquarium. (Sun Yat-Sen Classic Chinese Garden / Twitter)

The otter, who traveled hundreds of meters into the ocean, shook the garden for more than a week. He remains on the far, far-flung, humane traps set by the wilderness relocation expert.

Plan, the otter send an hour drive from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley.

The garden will be closed until next announcement. More updates are expected on Monday.

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