Wednesday , November 25 2020

Olivia Munn annoys a very nervous pilot to talk to her

A pilot has cold feet when a pilot gets on the plane at the helm of soğuk free pass iyle celebrity Olivia Munn.

Pilot Man J. Liston couldn't help but tell his wife X-Men: Apocalypse he was a passenger on the actress flight, and when he was convinced edil taking a photo with him c, Liston missed the mark.

Ma No pic or bite [sic]"Liston's wife Mandi," [sic]. "

Liston later sent an incredibly shaken photo to his wife and said that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn't know what to say to his ex-girlfriend.

”Just say, ım hey, my wife is a big fan“. That way, you don't look like a reptile lol, “Mandi answers her husband before saying m Invite her to see the cockpit Bu.

After Mandi published a text message exchange with her husband on social media, Munn asked the two boys about her father, the only thing she had to do.

A I took the pic, but he never asked, orm said Munton Liston. ”Tell your husband, thank you for flying with confidence, and Happy Thanksgiving.“

This story was originally published in Fox News and reprinted with permission here.

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