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Old St. Michael's students share stories of bullying dating back decades.

Dave Trafford, forty years ago Michael had an amazing time at College School. She played the hockey team, was the head of the student body which performed in musicals and ran her newspaper. Everyone had a great group of friends who had a great time.

Or so he thought.

Last week, all men in Toronto were shaken by allegations of assault and sexual harassment by students at a private school. He discovered what he felt unsafe in Michael.

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. I didn't see that, gör Trafford said. “Shocking, disappointing and heartbreaking“

The outer parts of Michael's College School were photographed on November 20, 2018.

Fred Lum

A criminal investigation by a police officer said that a video Michael's sports team demonstrates that he has extended several of his members to at least six events, linking a student to a student and sexually harassing him with a broom handle. Six students, aged 6 and 15, are currently facing sex-related charges, and the police warned that more charges might be followed.

The school confessed that the responsibility for keeping the students safe has failed, saying the recent events clearly showed a problem.

Greg Reeves, director of our school, said after the police announced that he had filed a criminal complaint against six students earlier this week.

The growing scandal forced its alumni to deal with the past, and many are advancing with bullying and harassment experiences at school for decades.

Var There's a real opportunity for the school to take a good look at themselves and go deeper, to understand how and why this is done and how they are missing out,. Trafford said. ”And to learn everything that happened in the past.“

Speaking with Canadian Press, some former students are eager to share their stories as part of an internal review promised by the school.

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Nathan Goveas, 2003; He graduated from Michael.

As The day before, when I was there I was bullied, önce said Goveas, now a teacher.

He wasn't interested in sports.

“I'm a skinny brown boy. People mocked my appearance. It was mostly verbal bullying. Ç

She didn't complain at all, but when she realized that there was ti down fark in the 11th grade, she said that her mother was concerned. That's why he went to management.

Redd The manager refused him as men, ler said Goveas. Bullying continued.

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Kyle Fraser said that after the 10th grade, he couldn't challenge bullying in 2013.

”Leaving was the best decision of my life,“ he said.

”It was very brutal, by the staff, not just by the students (at the same time) but from the standstill.“

She said she was chosen because she dealt with mathematics and science, and was also not good at hockey because she was not so good.

”All these things have affected me for a very long time,“ he said. He was depressed and anxious.

Im I committed suicide at some point. It's gone bad. "

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Fraser, who was studying at a university in Ohio, shared his story on Tuesday night at a graduate meeting in school and later received many support.

”It was getting too hot and it put me in a peaceful state,“ he said. “There are very good people there.“

Fraser and Goveas said the meeting had a wide variety of views.

Düşünüy I think some graduates don't want to know the problems, G Goveas said.

Jean-Paul Bedard announced his story about last week's scandal. In the 1980s the school experienced a severe, sexualized danger. She did not attend the alumni meeting but offered her services not only to the school survivors of sexual assault but also as a trained trauma peer counselor. The school hasn't received its offer yet.

Ac I have doubts about this review, but I'll definitely share my story, “he said. ”Their attitudes seem to be ve we know how to fix this and we don't need outside assistance“.

D & # 39; Arcy McKeown, St. He said he had a great time with Michael. In 2005, just a few months after graduating from a Roman Catholic school, he says he was sexually assaulted at McGill University with a broom handle as part of an adventure with the football team.

He left only two weeks later and called it a “safe space to recover material iki. Michael #s is back. She volunteered for a while with the school's football program before continuing on with her studies at the University of Toronto.

McKeown applauded both the current events of the school and the desire to take a victim-centered approach while dealing with its own üyle deep dive ”culture.

“You should take everything there,“ he said. Tal Unfortunate experiences of others. If it can help Mike to guide the prevention of these things 'progress, it's as painful as the best he can be to tell stories.'

St. Michael's graduates will help guide the school in the coming days and weeks to help existing students.

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