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Ol Pokémon: Let's Go, Not Aware


In the new Pokemon game "Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!" A player with De Eevee! (via

He never had a Pokémon game. split reaction tanıtım Let & # 39; s Go, Pikachu! larda and ”Let !s Go, Eevee!“ published earlier this month, the idea of ​​a fluent introductory experience for many non-franchise owners has been quite attractive in recent years. However, for the franchise countless long-time fans, the pioneer of ışık Pokémon: Let & # 39; s Go sayısız flew ahead in advance for a series with more consecutive entries.

Yaratıl Let & # 39; s Go, despite the many stains and half success, we see that much love and care are shown in creating the game. References to previous games are everywhere. Familiar story rhythms are dressed with cinematic cutters that hold true emotional weight. Large sound processing and expressions give your Eevee or Pikachu partner a real sense of attachment. You can choose Pokémon from your party to follow your character and even ride on bigger ones.

Or Let & # 39; s Go, ün thinks that in recent years it has been the pinnacle of nearly every annoying aspect of the core Pokémon games. Developer Game Freak is trying to change an experience that doesn't require any more fixing in the first place. The game keeps the story very much in favor of being clear about how the player moves through the story, avoiding most of the puzzle-solving elements of the original game. Your opponent lacks the characterization of previous colleagues, and only exists to congratulate the player for every opportunity they take. Kontrol Pokémon GO mek fitted into the shallow target-at-horse motion control mini-game, Pokémon, reproduction, retention and ability mechanics were completely removed.

The previous ord Pokémon daha games offered a playable gaming basis while offering more complex, more complex mechanics if the player wanted to play them. "Let's go" He selects from the player's hand and focuses entirely on the ordinary side. It's a good thing even an ordinary "Pokémon" experience can be as fun as possible.

In terms of the core game, I was very surprised to find that sahip Let & # 39; s Go, has a well-developed campaign that many people fear is not ridiculously easy. The classic RPG elements of Pokémon's capture and make turn-based battles to train them.

The game even offers a decent-out challenge due to the establishment of perhaps the best built level curve seen in a Pokémon game. If the player moves at an average speed in the game, opponents will always be equal to or above the level of your own Pokémon, adding a layer of complexity to the player who forces the player to think only more strategically than spam. A war is over. This is nothing to stop a player from advancing due to difficulty, but adds some depth to the battle system.

The visibility of wild Pokémon in the world is a welcome change from the frequent disturbing random encounters of the past. However, capturing a large number of creatures and focusing on sending items makes Pokémon feel more like a currency and more in common. The two-player co-op mode always transforms the game into a 2-on-1 and throws any sense of hassle through the window. The fact that the second player cannot really interact with the world in his or her own sticking is, as a matter of fact, gratuitous and effortless, as it is optional.

The presentation of the game is perhaps the most prominent aspect of Let & # 39; s Go. The graphics are marvelously determined as the most visually appealing game in the franchise. The novelty of seeing familiar locals and wars in high-definition has definitely contributed to most of my taste. Compared to the flagship titles of other franchises such as ında Legend of Zelda: Wild of Breath van and iral Super Mario Odyssey # in Nintendo Switch, Game Freak thinks he can do much more with the graphics. capabilities of the system. What is even more annoying is that the frame rate of the game is actually reduced in certain areas.

Or Let & # 39; s Go ara may not do much to innovate, but celebrates Pokémon's legacy to touch even players familiar with the franchise. If not for something else, next year's hopefully much more ambitious entries would be a satisfactory small-scale messenger.

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