Friday , October 22 2021

Oilers' attack of defense is a reward for a solid defense game.


EDMONTON – You can hear the comments from the National Hockey League, because Edmonton Oilers has made the new coach Ken Hitchcock 's 5-2-1 run with the power of only 16 goals in eight games.

U Hitchcock are playing hockey, antrenör they said, as if he wanted to stop the coach team in two goals every night. "That's what you got with Hitch."

The truth in Edmonton is that this team lacks depth of scoring – especially in wings – so the only way for Hitchcock to achieve is to tear off the oil from the network. Be confident enough in defensive games, make sure you don't need more than three, good breaks or two more salt to win!

As Teemu Selanne said, the bottle of ketchup always finds a way to flow. And as it flowed, with a win of 7-2, the Oilers cooked Friday night against Minnesota Night.

"Above all," he began to take back the goaltender Cam Talbot, knowing that we could win his tight games (build trust).

"It's nice to know that we can control our earnings, but at the same time, it's nice to know that we have firepower that we can get depth scoring."

In the eight games under Hitchcock, the Oilers had scored two or less points. But goaltending was good and their defense game began to solidify.

Just like the jug from bottom to top, they also captured their identity in Hitchcock's defense zone and went to work in the neutral zone games. Hitchcock left the area of ​​the attack largely lonely, and when the Oilers dries up – until Friday.

"The attack is something that causes waves, and for whatever reason we can't find it – but we are firmly defenders," Connor McDavid said. "If you only make money for two nights, it doesn't matter how good the crime is. You'll be in the game."

Oilmen, under Hitchcock, have a terrific Corsi, but all of these shots and their times of ownership have not been translated into targets. We wonder how bad this is, and how much reflection there is in the cast, but from time to time, every team in hockey hopes only for the first and away from the second.

Winger Jujhar Khaira, "We have a lot of belief in each other and we're really struggling with so many games, and we've become single-minded games." Said. "A game like this shows that all the hard work we do is working.

"We know that we are (within us)."

Of course, McDavid opened the way with three assists on Friday, and is already a target you've seen 19 times in the most highlighted shows. Leon Draisaitl was really excited, his goal of opening a nice game to his home, the third struggling with another player and on the night of the plus-4 he added some help.

The blue line in the fifth row scored the fourth row, the second row hit a house, and Talbot gave the Oilers a second-class A-Class performance. Right after losing six straight, he won two and Mikko Koskinen was defeated in Rogers Place (5-0), and Edmonton suddenly stumbled into pipes.

Of course, Devan Dubnyk released one for his second goal and Dubnyk, Alex Stalock didn't exactly lock things up. But I have no doubt: it was a game between winning a trust and a team going in the other direction.

The Talbot seems to be in the form again. Meanwhile, when Dubnyk seemed to be able to stabilize his game, he was another breaker.

"I'm lying to say I'm not worried," said Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau. "I'm worried about many guys on this team right now. He's not the only one."

Boudreau was touched as "a character test now." "Either you're pulling back or you're starting to blame everyone. We have to take care of ourselves. This has been the same group for almost three years.

It doesn't look like the same group as a new coach here in Edmonton. Edmonton may not get enough points, but for now, it's been a long time since an Oilers team was defensive in such a way.

"I thought we played very well for each other in the third period," Hitchcock said. Dik At the end of the game, I explained to the players the things we did, how we covered our network, how we got off the grid ızı I thought we were working and we were rewarded for our goals. .

"When you constantly spend time in the aggressive zone, these things happen. We're not finished. We had more opportunities than this in St. Louis in the area, but today we've evaluated our chances."

. But when you spend so much time, good things happen. We try to stay with him. La

That's what they always say. In the end, the bottle of ketchup will always flow.

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