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November in Alberta? Gray Cup players ready to play on T-shirts


In Alberta in November, Derek will wear a short-sleeved shirt on Sunday when Ottawa Stampeders meets Ottawa Redblacks in the Gray Cup.

But thanks to Mother Nature, the pro-aggressive will not be alone.

For Sunday, the forecast requires a relatively high starting temperature of -1 C with an elevated temperature of 0 ° C. Usually it will be sunny with a nine-kilometer wind and a rainfall of only 10 percent.

In other words, the ideal conditions for the six-foot triple, 345-pound Dennis made the first Gray Cup image of the CFL in 2016 with Calgary.

Sıcak I was here in the Western finals of 2016 and I can't remember what the heat was, but it was cold, sıcak said Dennis. "I always wear a short-sleeved shirt, regardless of the weather, but you know, that's good."

The Calgary Stampeders assault pro Derek Dennis may have a company in the field on Sunday saying he is always wearing a T-shirt regardless of weather conditions. (Nathan Denette / Canada Press)

Jon Gott openly agreed. Redblacks' regular season in the finals of a beer playing the colored Ottawa attacker, the club attended to watch the shorts.

Dennis and his linemates are obviously ready. Following Saturday's march, they participated in a bocci game at the Commonwealth Stadium.

"This is our tradition," Dennis said. Said.

This will mark the second Gray Cup meeting between these two teams within three years. In 2016, 8-9-1 Redblacks won a 39-36 one-time victory over Calgary (15-2-1) in Toronto.

Dennis thinks he's disgusting Stampeders when he touches the Gray Cup before that game. This week, Dennis made sure that Calgary rookies were away from the holy cup.

Um This was my first professional championship game, and I didn't know it was frightened, Dennis Dennis said. Said. “I was standing around and someone said,, Do what you want, & # 39; it was the wrong thing.

"That's why I've tried to be a veteran to lead the way for young men.

Trying to make a grip on the game surface

Saturday's march was the second session in Calgary's Commonwealth, while Ottawa's Saturday exercise took the first place. Stampeders has failed to play against Markeith Ambles on Friday – after he quits playing on Sunday – head coach Dave Dickenson felt good entering the stadium and feeling the playing surface before Sunday's game.

"I won't say it's the biggest chess piece in the world, but I think we're doing something different," Dickenson said. ”Just a football match, you have to go out and play the other team and play more.“

However, Calgary buyer Chris Matthews said the uprising could be a problem because of the players who were struggling with slips on Saturday.

"Cleats out," he said. “I don't see this unless I do a real job in this place.

Acak This won't stop anything. I'll still go there and redirect some DBs. Now I'll make him look better, now I'm going to direct someone and he'll slip and fall. Şimdi

A meeting of approximately 55,000 people will see the two best teams in each division. Calgary ended up in the West with the best 13-5 record in the West. Ottawa was the first in the East at 11-7.

Classic Fight

Weather conditions should be prepared to make an attractive match between Ottawa's high-powered crime and a Calgary defense, the CFL's most disgusting one.

Trevor Harris scored a play-under six TD crossover in the final win of Ottawa's 46-27 East Division against Hamilton this past weekend. Harris finished 36th with 36 points in the half and made Redblacks a fourth victory against Tiger-Cats this season.

Ottawa's crime also led to the second leader of the CFL's 1.362 yards and six TD's, William Powell, Russian Powell. The five-foot nine, 207-pound Powell ran 86 yards in the 21st weekend (an average of 4.1 yards) last weekend.

Meanwhile, Calgary's defense led the CFL to the least allowed attack score (17.8 per game), attack (27), passing the TDs (11), for most sacks (45) and the second was the second in the least allowed attack (321.4).

The crime in Calgary is definitely in good hands. Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, who scored the CFL-high 35 TD this season, was named the outstanding player of the league for the second time this week.

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