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Northern Pulp thinks that the waste treatment update will not be online on time to meet the court order | Local | News


As a result, the courts can decide whether the province is in the hook for the loss of North Pulp in case the facility is forced to be fired in 2020.

On Wednesday, the North Pulp acknowledged that the provincial legislation may not have a new wastewater treatment plant on 31 January 2020 when it forces the closure of the Boat Harbor.

Kathy Cloutier, director of corporate communications at Paper Excellence, the owner of North Pulp, said, arıtma The waste treatment plant itself is expected to be completed by the deadline until the deadline. Kuzey

”Ejaculation is where we face delays.“

This decline was a controversial bone, where the factory would pump about 85 million liters of purified wastewater per day to the Northumberland Strait.

All associations representing approximately 3,000 fishermen from Pictou Landing First Nation and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will stop any waste entering the strait.

Fishing boats surround a survey boat that was forced to return to Pier C on Tuesday at Pictou by fishermen against plans by Northern Pulp to purge treated wastewater into the local waters.
Fishing boats surround the Pier C in Pictou earlier this month, a survey boat that was forced to return by the fishermen against the plans of the Northern Pulp to pumping the treated wastewater into the local waters.

The mill changed its proposed route this summer to an area where the discovery of the ice level discovered at sea level, through the Abercrombie Point mill adjacent to the town of Picasa towards the town of Picasa, to see the pipeline along the water basin and out. Bosphorus alongside Caribou-Wood Islands Ferry.

Cloutier said the plant did not expect an environmental assessment by January, which meant that construction in this part of the project could not be completed by the end of the province's deadline.

Iyor The Environmental Department expects any potential applications. In the meantime, we hope there will be some constructive dialogue. "

– Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Renewal Ian Rankin

However, in a 1995 compensation agreement signed with the former owners of the factory by the then supply services minister Gerald O 'Malley, taxpayers, among other things, for any ın obligations, damages, claims, demands, actions, reasons of action, damages on hook. (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, indirect damages, interest penalties, fines and monetary sanctions) (. the construction, location or presence of the facility or as a direct or indirect result of the restructured facility. "

This is the Boat Harbor, built for the factory located behind the Pictou Landing First Nation in 1945.

While the State continues to own the Boat Port, it is renting the plant to the mill with an agreement until 2030.

The Boat Port Act, in 2015, needs and clears Boat Harbor near the county on January 31, 2020, with the First Nation of Pictou Landing moving to remove the congestion of a broken pipe so that the mill can be resumed.

Asked about whether the province would open the way out of the contract, Transport and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Ian Rankin told The Chronicle Herald: Rank If it ends up in court, it's a legal issue, but we're not there yet. Eyalet

While he did not want to say whether the state could be held responsible for lost profits or the cost of an idle factory, Rankin conceded that taxpayers had a financial responsibility for expiring an early lease in Boat Harbor.

”We are definitely ready to discuss with our company what the compensation will be for new waste water treatment plants,“ he said.

Already 200 million dollars deep

The state has allocated more than $ 200 million for its cleaning – at Boat Harbor.

Rankin says taxpayers have no figures yet on what can happen on the hook for the new facility.

Northern Pulp also said he was waiting for the part to be carried by the province.

Led We have always waited for this province to fulfill its contractual obligations with respect to this lease, Cl said Cloutier.

Meanwhile, the company's efforts to prepare for new wastewater treatment continue to be prevented by fishermen. A survey boat conducted by North Pulp to conduct environmental assessments was forced to stop fishermen's work earlier this month.

Without completing this survey, Cloutier said the facility would present a plan for environmental assessment with "as much data as we can assess".

For him, Rankin said the province did not step into the dispute between the pipe and those against the mill.

”Onus is at the company to do the conversations with the community and the First Nation, mal said Rankin.

Iyor The Environmental Department expects any potential applications. In the meantime, we hope there will be some constructive dialogue. "


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