Friday , December 3 2021

Nikita Scherbak placed on waivers by Montreal Canadiens


Montreal Canadiens placed Nikita Scherbak in the registries.

In the first round of the Canadiens in 2014, Scherbak played 29 games in the NHL and produced five goals and two assists. Much of his time at the organization was spent in the American Hockey League, where he scored 95 points in 145 games for two different clubs.

Scherbak didn't play a single game for Canadiens this season, but with the idea that the team wouldn't be one of the 12 forwards to dress on a certain night, there was a high risk of losing it. When we decided to start the third leg of the season, the club decided to make it available to the staff of NHL by removing it and attempting to renounce it in order to transfer it to the AHL.

This chance, which has a large number of offensive skills, will be highly demanded in the next 24 hours. The worst team in the league prioritizes a claim, so the Los Angeles Kings, who took part in the offense, made it possible for the team to enter the top 30 to make a claim.

In an unlikely event, Laval could join Rocket and help him to engage his crimes. However, if it agreed clearly, it would become more attractive as part of a trade, so think about how you sliced, and Scherbak's time in the organization seems to end soon.

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