Tuesday , October 19 2021

NHL Rumors: Kessel's Name is Ruminizi Değirmendeydi, But He's Back


The Pittsburgh Penguins may have made rumors about Phil Kessel's rumors earlier this season, but they have retracted late.

Kessel's name came out, but he retreated late.

Pittsburgh Hockey Dan Kingerski Now: Elliotte Friedman recently reported that Pittsburgh Penguins put Phil Kessel's name at the beginning of this season.

The only way Kessel can trade is to make them better, and it's almost impossible to make Kessel trade and make this season better.

There are few teams who will be willing to leave important assets for 31-year-olds.

Kessel has scored 92 points last season – 50 at power, 42 at power.

He has a $ 6,8 million pot strokes, with teams usually not wanting too much from someone over 30. If the penguins want to trade with it ayı they may have to accept an agreement, including a high choice, a possibility, and one. fewer players. "

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Joe StarkeyThere are many reports about the penguins, at least about Phil Kessel being open to the idea of ​​trading.

Starkey does not accept the idea of ​​Kessel trade: “If Kessel has a difficult personality, who cares? Despite the recent recession, it still produces points. Last season it had 92 & # 39; s and so far this year it was owned by Sidney Crosby (29). Every month since the beginning of the last season has put fully consistent double-digit scores. About 10 days ago, it was a 100-point tempo. Will be back again after a great week. "

Starkey lists a few other reasons why you can't handle it. You wouldn't get a bigger return if they didn't want to carry it and rebuild it. Don't believe you want to get out of Pittsburgh.

Nichols, Hockey at Chris Nichols: Elliot Marek Friedman was speaking about rumors of the Council of Governors gathered last week in his 31 thoughts podcast with Jeff Marek.

Friedman noted that the Pittsburgh Penguins may have named Phil Kessel before, but ’pulled back Fried. Socially Kessel may not be comfortable and may be a person who needs to take action four or five years later.

Arı And also, if they're really going to change, they have to trade something like that.

”I think they looked at him, and then they pulled him back.“

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