Saturday , July 2 2022

New French broker works during days with Ontario cuts


TORONTO – Ontario's Progressive Conservative government says it has made changes to recognize the veren important and ongoing Franc contributions of the Franco-Ontarian community after the cuts made to francophones.

On Friday evening, Premier Doug said the Ford government had formed the position of French-Language Services Commissioner at the state ombudsman's office and wanted to hand over the francophone incidents to a ministry.

Last week, the Tories announced the commissioner's mandate to scrape Ontario's plans for scrap for the ombudsman and an independent French university.

The moves erupted out of francophone in Ontario and Quebec, and were publicly announced by Amanda Simard, Ford's own president, who was largely representing the process of francophone riding.

Caroline Mulroney, who is responsible for both Ford and francophone, said that although the cuts were not meant to be saved, it is necessary to close the province's deficit.

In a statement Friday, Ford thanked all those who “arrived” at the office following the announcement last week and said he looks forward to building a an constructive dialogue Franc with the Franco-Ontarians.

“They're warriors. They are part of the history of Ontario. They continue to work hard for generations to promote and preserve the beautiful culture and languages ​​of our city. İl

The government also said Ford's office would hire a senior policy consultant on francophone affairs. No changes were made to the university, but Mulroney said he was looking forward to the day when the province was in the "financial position" to continue the projects in question.

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