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New documents in Mark Norman's case revealed the contradictions in Crown's case, the defense says


The newly filed court documents in the former commander-in-chief of the military have revealed the contradictions of defense claims in a trial against Defense Minister Norman.

The most important and political explosive is related to the role of Treasury Board Chairman Scott Brison in the shipbuilding dispute at the center of the case and the importance of the leaks of cabinet secrets that underlie Crown's case.

The documents also give an idea of ​​how Norman, the former director of the navy, is accused of a single breach of trust.

Hundreds of pages of police interviews, federal documents and media clippings were released late Friday. None of the statements contained in the documents have been proved in court and the records cannot be considered as evidence at the moment.

Norman, a former vice president of defense personnel, is accused of infiltrating the cabinet's secret in 2015 in connection with a $ 668 million shipbuilding agreement to provide a fleet with a temporary supply vessel.

Brison, lawyers in court in Halifax 's rival Irving Shipbuilding by order of Levye, Que. He was recently fired by the House of Commons for allegedly attempting to sign a contract with Davie Shipyard.

He denied the allegation and said he was merely doing his job.

. My duty as the Chairman of the Board of Directors is to provide the necessary care in the expenditure of public funds, and in particular to perform a coercive function with respect to the procurement function, lama he said on October 15th.

However, in an interview with RCMP in January 2016, Brison, who was included in the documents as a partial transcript, said that the Board of Treasury was "involved" but not at this stage of the process.

"This was not my role as a member of the committee," said Mounties.

McKenna contradicts Brison

In the autumn of 2015, the newly-elected Liberal government decided to put the temporary ship program on hold, but it soon leaked to the press. The decision was reversed, but the government was furious.

"Our concerns [Privy Council Office] "Brings to the RCMP," the officials said, adding that the material "was in the hands of lobbyists and media".

Brison said in the cabinet that the ministers were "to express yourself fully" and "ensure that they are violated".

He claimed that the leak had prevented the cabinet's ability to show due diligence.

Norman faces a single breach of trust regarding a contract to hire a supply vessel for the navy. (Justin Tang / Canada Press)

In an interview with the RCMP, however, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who also served on the temporary cabinet committee meeting on November 19, 2015, openly denied that the leak was affected by the change in the heart.

Araştırma It wasn't because of the leak, yüzünden the researchers asked. "There were so many thoughts in such situations."

The Cabinet "made the right decision and [the leak] Never again, "he said.

Hard questions

Court records also shed more light on how the Liberal government was called to approve the provisional supply ship and how Brison treated the meeting.

Brison has received a letter from Irving on Shipbuilding; neither the Secretary of Defense Harjit Sajjan nor Judy Foote, who later became a public minister, a court document in which he was sent to them.

Including employees for the cabinet session, RCMP researchers said Brison asked a series of challenging questions.

A Treasury Board spokesman defended the minister late Friday.

Bruce Cheadle, "As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Minister Brison 's task, the review of spending and government tenders that provide the necessary care to provide the necessary function," he said.

"The fact that Brison made the only contact with Irving Shipbuilding or his representatives was not copied in a letter to other ministers."

Norman's defense team also claims in a court record Friday that police have not yet met with the federal procurement official, Matthew Matchett, who allegedly passed a cabinet document to a lobbyist working for Davie's shipyard.

More than one suspicious investigation by the police was a fixation of the case from the beginning.

Matchett was not charged, and there is no evidence in court.

Since no accusation was made last month, the spokesman for the RCMP said the investigation was continuing.

Norman's lawyer said he was aware of it.

Tagged witness statement

Court documents known as application registration were released only after a legal struggle.

Although the practice records were generally open to the public, the media had been deprived of access to them.

Crown lawyer Jeannine Plamondon claimed that releasing them could harass the witness statement at Norman's hearing.

CBC News opposed the position in court and later joined a lawyer for CTV News and Postmedia.

Judge Heather Perkins-McVey has come face to face with the media and said the records are part of the public.

. It's an open court, P said Perkins-McVey.

Lawyer Ryder Gilliland, who represented CBC News, said that Crown's position in such a high profile case was unusual.

Unuz You have privacy, and you don't even know why. This is clearly unacceptable in a country where we have an open court principle. Açık

Norman's defense team has been on the lookout for a long time to get government documents before the next hearing in December 2003. Norman's not going to trial until next year.

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