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Inuk Adam Angus Andersen, who drew the attention of the media for his cultural initiatives and activism, apologized to social media for inappropriate messages to various women on Twitter and Facebook.

The award-winning radio program of Andersen was officially aired in English and Inuktitut until allegations about Andersen's behavior were investigated.

CHMR published this announcement on its website: Until the next announcement, our regularly scheduled Thursday program "NunKakKaasimajut: First Peoples, First Passengers" took place between 14:00 and 16:00. We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep you informed of any other changes. Please contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns you may have with MUNSU.

Andersen has gained worldwide followers and positive reviews for the Word of the Day, published on Twitter and Facebook.

Andersen, who posted a message from social media late last week, targeted Andersen for provoking comments from other people who said he had sent some obscene messages to women and that he had been texting directly.

Andersen first apologized to various media outlets after claiming that his account had been attacked.

Twitter account followers responded quickly with messages of incentive or denial. Andersen told a follower that he would continue with the Word of the Day.

"It's bigger than my personal problems – I'll go on," he tweeted.

Another follower tweeted: harika Your Word project is a great use of the Twitter platform and rewarding something. Good luck solving your situations, no matter what. "

Some answers were less forgiving. Another follower just tweeted "Goodbye".

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Angus Andersen He's trying to raise the profile of the Inuit people in John.

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