Tuesday , October 19 2021

MrBeast made a real Battle Bus as a gift for FaZe Tfue


Popular YouTuber Jimmy ın MrBeast ve Donaldson stole the Fortnite pro FaZe Tfue on the 3rd of December for a few hours, and now finally knows why.

MrBeast transformed a yellow school bus, a game, a merchant and a bunk bed into a true Battle Bus from Fortnite, a gigantic popular battle royale heading into the interior of the vehicle.

MrBeast met Tfue's brother OO JOOGSQUAD Fa and took a stunt and took a 20-hour trip from his home in North Carolina to the FaZe Fortnite in the Hollywood hills.

Although the bus does not contain a hot-air balloon, it looks like the vehicle's depletion – and Tfue's reaction today was unforgettable.

After the team reported that they were only 10 minutes away from Tfue's stream, all fans stopped by the window during a live broadcast to celebrate the Victory Royale with a turret. Then they closed the player's eyes and took him from outside to the bus and filmed his incredible reactions.

The group then went to Los Angeles by bus – even after taking a bus, parked the bus and then stopped by the traffic police.

Tfue returned to the stream (he still managed to get 18,000 viewers despite his absence). The torn T-shirt claimed he was just going to go to the bathroom. Time MrBeast Tweeted about a possible collab With the Streamer, they both managed to keep a secret – until now.

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