Monday , June 27 2022

Mitsubishi Motors' chairman meets on Monday to remove Chairman of the Board, Carlos Ghosn


Mitsubishi Motors Corp.'s board said Monday that Carlos Ghosn assumed the role of merger after his arrest and would assume the post after the issuance of alliance partner Nissan Motor Co. last week due to allegations of fiscal weakness.

Mitsubishi's 1644 (0730 GMT) auto-lifted in Tokyo's headquarters, Mitsubishi's eight-man board of directors has lifted the presidency of Japanese automotive manufacturers because the French partner is uncomfortable with Renault SA's role in the alliance.

Ghosn's firing will also mark the removal of the man responsible for balancing Mitsubishi Motors in 2016 after being shaken by a scam scandal.

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The best alliance managers come together this week in Amsterdam to protect their joint operations from the Ghosn arrest as a power struggle between Nissan and Renault.

Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa told employees on Monday that the power density in Ghosn is a direct lack of communication between members of the other alliance board.

Nissan said he did not disclose details of internal events or communication to employees.

Although Nissan is almost 60 percent larger than sales, Nissan remains young in its partnership structure. Despite strong reservations in the Japanese government, Ghosn was pushing for a deeper connection between the two French car manufacturers, with a potentially complete merger.

Nissan controls a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors and has two executives on the board. The other representative is CEO Osamu Masuko, who said the alliance could be difficult without Ghosn last week.

Nissan lifted Ghosn on a high equity board Thursday, but Renault refused to dismiss him as president and CEO. Ghosn rejected allegations by public broadcaster NHK on Sunday.

Nissan spokesman, automakers, operations and business in the normal course, while Nissan delayed the launch of the high-performance Leaf electric car.

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