Friday , October 22 2021

Microsoft Confirms that it Accepts Chromium for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft is announcing major changes today for the default browser in Windows 10. Redmond confirmed a report earlier this week that the EdgeHTML browser engine was replaced with Chromium in Microsoft Edge.

Chromium is an open source browser that supports Google Chrome and some other small browsers. The development of Chromium is mostly managed by Google engineers and other open source contributors.

In the coming year, Microsoft plans to move Edge to a 39 Chromium-compatible; platform in Windows 10. The company plans to make a major contribution, noting that engineers contributing to the Chromium project have started working for better ARM support. It also plans to contribute to Chromium to develop Chromium-based browsers, including Edge, to work better on Windows 10 hardware. Part of this includes advanced touch support and web accessibility.

The transition to Chromium will allow Microsoft to offer frequent updates to Edge in Windows 10, something that was not possible in the past, even in older versions of the operating system. The company says it will bring Edge to other versions like Windows 7, 8.1 and other platforms such as macro in the near future.

Redmond says that all of the changes in Microsoft Edge will be ve under the hood “and that users should not see a big change in the browser. The company hopes that the transition to Chromium will help make the web a more consistent experience for users and web developers. Because developers will no longer have to test websites and web applications separately for EdgeHTML, the web will start less fragmented and will allow easier testing and a more consistent experience for everyone.

Microsoft hopes to release an early preview of the new Microsoft Edge in early 2019. However, all details on this subject are now very few, and this is due to the fact that Microsoft has had to explain its plans for the public after a major plan. Leaking from the beginning this week.

A transition to Chromium will definitely be too big for the Edge as a browser. Since EdgeHTML can also strengthen the web platform in UWP applications, migration can be quite complex. But if you hated the stability of Edge in the past like me, this could be a nice change. Or not. It all depends on how Microsoft is implementing Chromium and how fast everything is.

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