Wednesday , December 1 2021

Microsoft & # 39; s folding smart phone Andromeda 2019 & # 39; s


Although a few months have passed since we last heard of Microsoft's folding Andromeda smartphone, according to a book titled "Beneath a Surface", the innovative company in the technology company 2019 will surprise us. It gives some interesting information about the functionality of the Hybrid.

The book tells a story about a tablet that acts as a folded smartphone. However, Microsoft will not use the old legacy Windows Phone operating system, which is dead for some time. Reportedly, it will offer a full-fledged Windows experience with a small fix at best.

The book also talks about other devices that Microsoft has planned with 2019. With a new Xbox One console, Intel laptops with AMD chips instead of Intel, we expect the iPad Pro 12.9 competitor directly with the redesigned Surface Studio and a USB-C charging port. Rounded corners of the screen.


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