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By Brent Furdyk.

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Joy Behar met Meghan McCain on Monday's & The View ghan edition. Daily mail Indicates that when the segment ends, jobs are getting hotter than the camera.

In Monday's "Hot Topics" segment, the panel was discussing the death of former US President George H.W. T It is one of the most comprehensive environmental regulations ever, Hava said Bush, who signed an amendment to the Clean Air Act in 1990, adding to the fact that he was the most likely to be the President of Behar. The current inhabitants of the White House.

Edi The current president we have is trying to solve everything Obama has done, and if I'm going to be dealing with pollution and the greenhouse effect if I'm the only voter & & McCain added Behar before he cut it off.

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“Can we focus on the Presidency, please? I don't want to talk about Trump, we're honoring a great president, konuşmak McCain added.

Excuse me, please. I want to talk about est; Behar was fired, only to get McCain back to her. Büyük We are honoring a great president who is interested in and is not interested in number-one voting, “he jumped.

. I don't care what you're interested in, rum Behar lashed back. "I'm talking!"

McCain was interrupted again. Gold I don't care what you care about, Joy! Er He stepped back, moderated by Whoopi Goldberg in a short span.

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By MailWhile the show's ads were running, it was reported that Behar hit the sign cards on the table.My God! Take control of this. If this doesn't stop, I'm leaving this damn show. I can't get any more. "

Mail reported that producers started to take the stage in an attempt to eliminate the situation, as Behar continued to continue. ”I tolerated too much tolerance in this show, but I think it's smart, I think,“ he said. "Already enough! Already enough! I'm not playing well anymore."

Söyl Everyone's crazy, “he said. Mail. Çık The last thing they wanted was for Joy to leave the show. He did this before. Remember Bill OunReilly? He seemed so disgusted that day, and he had two minutes to keep this explosion on set and made sure everyone was back for the next live segment. There was total chaos on the set Set.

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When the show is over, reports Mail, ”Both women did not talk to each other, and producers and network managers came together individually in locker rooms.“

He added the source: “The last thing they both saw never ends. You can trust it and believe it. "

After the heated argument, the people from Behar's home recovered and started looking for McCain as 39 b ** ch Is. McCain shared how Pete Davidson was affected by his response to Thursday's ver The View ver episode.

Farklı I think it's different when you're like someone like Pete Davidson or someone like us, this isn't just social media, Dav he explains. Aket I have Google now, articles about me in the last few days, how big a b * ch, how bad I am, the negativity and kindness I bring to the show. This is not only social media, but also media. "

. I think it's sometimes difficult when you go to a dark place where you feel that you hate the whole world more than you do, and I think sometimes you feel like giving up when we do what we do, “he continued. . "But you have to pull yourself up, you should get support around you."

As a result, I know what it's like to hate Pete Davidson. Sonuç ”I don't want to sympathize but I've heard of extreme compassion because of his position.“

Davidson addressed the traitors on a raw post on Monday. "No matter how difficult it is for me to kill the Internet or anyone else," he wrote. Ler For those who hold me and see what it is for – I see you and I love you. “

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