Monday , March 1 2021

Medical and dentistry students collected donations with shirtless calendar for Movember

With shirtless photographs and the best facial hair, students from the faculty of medicine and the faculty of dentistry and the faculty of pharmacy have launched the Movember campaign in hopes of donating $ 10,000 to the Movember Foundation.

For the past five years, the Movember campaign has become a tradition in the faculties of medicine and dentistry, and has created money and awareness in various health issues, including prostate cancer. Fourth year dental students Shahed Bayestehtarat and Kevin Amaniampong are conducting a donation campaign this year, including a calendar sale, a new Movember Move initiative, and a hockey game between pharmacy students and dentists on December 5th.

Bayestehtarat hopes that the campaign will help people become self-defenders for their health.

”The Movember campaign itself has always surrounded men-specific cancer and men's health, but this year we wanted it to receive a more global message,“ he said. ”We want people to educate themselves about the risk factors of cancer and mental illness.“

The calendar removes facial hairs and shirts for 15-month dentistry, medicine and pharmacy students. Working on calendars began in February 2018 with photos taken by Bayestehtarat and pharmacy student Lawrence Woo and sold at the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) cafeteria.

Amaniampong believes that calendars are a means to increase awareness to help reduce risk factors.

Iyor Calendars include: [medical] The facts are also just to help you think and bring this awareness, and if you need to talk about anything with your doctor, gerçek he said. ”If we talk to one of their doctors, we're done.“

Some of the medical cases included in the calendar included 230,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States and about 30,000 deaths per year. Compared to Canada, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, 21,300 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and 4 thousand 100 men died in the same year.

The campaign aims to raise awareness not only of prostate cancer, but also of people's general health. Bayestehtarat and Amaniampong want people to learn about risk factors related to health of the individual and to get medical help when they are guarantor.

Eğilim This is very important, onlara Bayestehtarat said. Den This is very important because many people we know from statistics tend to ignore the signs the human body tells them. Bay Ir Sometimes hit in December, the initiative people are made and tend to forget it. … Every month is a reminder when we have calendars. "

Movember Move is a new initiative this year, in which participants promised a dollar support for each day of exercise in November. T-shirts were also made with facts about prostate cancer and mental illnesses printed on them to raise awareness while doing activities such as running, hiking or cycling.

All proceeds from different initiatives Movember Foundation. The costs of printing calendars and buying t-shirts for the Movember Move campaign were financed privately before the start of the campaign.

Bayestehtarat, "Everything will be transparent, so it will be right on our page. Therefore, when we reach our destination at the end of the month, we will see the update there and how much we have risen," he said. ”There will be more or less there.“

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