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MechWarrior 5 Development and Features


Mech_Con 2018 started and MechWarrior 5: Mercenary Soldiers It's the focus of this year's fan-show in Vancouver. We had hands-on chances with single-player and co-op play while visiting developer Piranha Games, and we sat with the CEO Russ Bullock to talk about the long-awaited, eagerly awaited sequel, development and features for the classic PC mech franchise.

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Our discussion begins to talk about Mech_Con and is scheduled for every December. As you can see, Piranha hosts weekly meetings starting in February, meaning almost the next fan-centered focus throughout the year. MechWarrior meet.

Russ Bullock: We're closed January. And in February, we are planning to schedule a weekly meeting for next year. Yeah. So, plan it as 11 months. We plan for 11 months, so it starts with places like the first place. I mean, we changed places every three years. Various reasons. The Commodore Ballroom was great. Not available for two years. So, we chose the biggest hotel you can find and it was great. But then the venue is very small. We're stuck. It should have been bigger. We wanted to grow. So, we choose a venue, we got all the sorted hotels. Long story short, it lasts all year.

Screen Benefit: You are planning to do this early for what you want to showcase, not just logistics? Like Co-op, Mech_Con is a great thing for 2018.

Russ: Yes. Not so early. As far as I know, we can say that we know for a play like five playable – And probably, summer, even summer, even in early June, summer, what we want, we're starting to get a pretty good idea. to show. Some say, until then, that the co-op demo, part of this year's Mech_Con, might be a little higher in the air than we could say two months ago. But. No, it should have Ama seemed. Focus. I have to take him. Un I was pushed for it. Everything we do, you know how these things go. These demonstrations make it very work-like for demos. But they also serve a very powerful purpose, a very difficult way to complete your game to complete your game. I mean, we're in a good spot now. We cooperated very well. There are still errors and problems, but can be played well and can be played. Now we make story decisions. All destructive systems are essentially done. I mean, you're fine when you get to that point.

We've had several conversations over the years before MechWarrior Online. Can you talk about the history of this and how the IP section can come together? MechWarrior Online has grown up before it came, and was now able to make it a story-based experience.

Russ: Far from necessity. Because as I said, if everything was perfect and we could do everything we wanted, we wouldn't want to do it. We probably did it, first we did the MechWarrior 5. We tried this in 2009. We couldn't get him off the ground.

When we started making MechWarrior Online, I think you've seen a similar trend in the industry, and still, to this day, smaller independent studios don't just sit and play single-player games. You know, it's mostly Sony. Making the end, etc. And you'll see much smaller studios, Rust or whatever, like a multiplayer game. Because, as you know, this is the amount of money that you will spend to create single-player experiences, all these big series of articles, and all that stuff. This is normally the case for MechWarrior, the development is ğ Well, you know, we think we can do MechWarrior Online Bu. And at this point, World of Tanks came to power in the western world.

And we looked at it and said, "That's interesting." Because the game is a free gaming experience to play you can experience a very core gaming experience. And it will work. Before that, it was more of the cartoon type, more simple cartoon type things. If you think of card racers, even the original Medal Medal, it becomes a free game to play. When we saw World of Tanks, we thought we saw a way to make a MechWarrior game. Just the amount of money and time you would get to reach this principle. [unintelligible]. We thought we could. And the amount of money and time we can do. I mean, this could keep us going. This is our decision. And much smaller studios will be driven this way. And so, we've made MechWarrior Online. MechWarrior received MechWarrior Online for four years before we started.

Was MechWarrior 5 greenlight folded after the old publisher IGP?

Russ: MechWarrior 5 job?


Russ: Yes. Thus, we received them in the summer of 2014. And 18 months later, we started MechWarrior 5.

Were there any IP problems? Or is it just a matter of resource type?

Russ: Yes, no, it was not an IP problem. Just the timing and resources and when we can do that.

And how did the engine go to Unreal?

Russ: Yeah, so, when we decided what we meant, we started thinking about what we were doing. And we know that at that time we looked at the newest version of CryEngine. . I think they jumped and called themselves CryEngine 5 or something like that. We looked at that. And we were looking at Unreal. And indeed, the evaluation was as follows: aynı Well, we're going to have to do this, if we're going to do that, we should be able to take advantage of the development of MechWarrior Online in all these years., also includes But we also knew some things we had to do to make sure that the MechWarrior 5 should be. And we've explored the out-of-code evaluation of MechWarrior Online and CryEngine technology. Or, to start over with Unreal. And we've discovered that we can still do it, we have a better game and we can do it faster. Continue with CryEngine, starting with Unreal. It was only team chain and development processes were much faster and better.

In terms of assets, do you bring Mech designs?

Russ: We brought her here. I mean, we brought everything. We had to upgrade because we used CryEngine version, 3.8 ine No, 3.4 or something else. The bottom line was just before CryEngine's physical-based creation. Thus, when we brought our artwork and all our work to Unreal, we had to upgrade all materials and everything to the PDR and everything else. I mean, it was part of the process. But still, you're looking at hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of war machines. So, when the names of the past MechWarrior mercenaries are between 12 and 15, we have 300. So, this was a great blessing for us, because our free market in the Inner World is actually a good market. Places where you can see rare places in various areas and objects. So, yes, there's definitely a lot of leverage from this artwork. But it just didn't sound like anything, you know, like perfect. We heal.

How many mech can be played in the game? Or can it be bought?

Russ: Yes, there will be, this is a rough estimate. About 50 different unique chassis. Each with three to four variants. I mean, we're in 250 different chassis ranges.

But still, for the first time, we can finally see other vehicles like tanks and helicopters. How many cars are there?

Russ: Definitely, first time for us. You've seen that in Mech 4-ish. But yeah, that's great. I mean, a lot of people were really keen after all the years in MechWarrior Online. And only PVP. People are really expecting the PVE experience, as in the past. Besides, you know it, you know, you're combining the gun business, you feel it, you're shooting not just other machines.

But sometimes it can be in the early departures, you know, it's very difficult to kill a lot of vehicles and turrets and anything like that. Some are hard, like a tank in this demon and this is a demolisher tank. There are double AC-20s on. Therefore, it does not prevent the abuse of a machine, but you do not want to leave it unintentionally, it can cause too much damage.

In the PVP section of MechWarrior Online, there are a lot of things like balancing machines. But for that, you don't have to worry about it.

Russ: Yes. Not the most. We can really adjust the fun, you know. In MechWarrior Online, everything you do, like everything about the medium laser, like everything you do, how much heat, how much heat, up to the decimal point. You balance and communities are mal Well, OP bir or you should do something in Nerf in the past, and that's a big thing. Here, you really do, you know, balanced? Is it really fun? Does it feel great? It is not important that the middle lasers give six damage instead of five. Unless he feels perfect. Health values ​​of vehicles and goods can only be balanced for fun and yes.

"We can really adjust the fun, you know."

How does the biggest change, such as a weapon or equipment type, change from MWO to MW5?

Russ: Yes. To be honest, at this point not much. Like the meeting, you could basically start with the MechWarrior Online values. So, you know, all weapons and all the data and how much heat damage, damage and all such things are coming out. But I think the good thing is … it doesn't matter, you know, if we have to change anything. Because you're not – unless you compete with other players, there's no limit to what you can change and change.

Thanks to re-playability, which is one of the original columns, you talked about creating maps using your system. Can you tell us how this works? Will it include what we see in the demo mission like farms and fields?

Russ: Yes, it will. Basically… Designs designing all puzzle pieces. In fact, I think they are close to square kilometers of tiles. Maybe 750 square feet or something like that, roughly. So, some are just pure land, but there are signs of ovulation on the land. So, these spawning determinants, where the vegetation is, or where the trees are or where the rocks are. And if you're on a desert-like planet in Mars, there are no trees and rocks like this, and so on. But if you live in a terrestrial land-like forest and you are in winter in the polar mountains, then you will have snow-covered fur trees and snow on the ground. That is, if the system is generated more than a dozen biographies, they can all use the same tiles. Exactly the same tile sets. They use different materials, different textures, different rocks, trees, bushes and other things to make the specific biome.

And then the encounter, whether it be like a farm or a big city environment on the demo board. This also removes the tiles. Therefore, your generator may decide to use this port. Let's say you can create 10 or 12, 15, 20, if you have time, different configurations, like port, call it garrison. A general term in our design. I mean, we're creating as many of these garrisons as we can. Some cities, farms and harbors. Some are arena, battlefield, right? It is different, based on location, art. So, then the generator says, o Okay. So, we'll create a task in the Arctic biome. This is going to be great, let's say it will be five with 10 tiles. ”And as I said, this is going to be a pole. And all right, the important thing is going to attack a mining facility. And so, we know how to use these special mining plant tiles. And they can choose from a different dozen of them. And then make sure you put it on the map. So, there's recognizable puzzle pieces – and the type of generation. Of course, someone who holds dozens of hours in the game, as you know, may realize that they've seen this harbor before. But everything around that harbor, how they reach the harbor, the way they arrive and the look and feel of the land going there, and even the encounter itself can have different enemies and things. I mean, there's a limit to randomness. It's not exactly 100 percent of those produced procedurally, but even designers don't know what to expect. ”Oh look at this clean thing“. No. Within the rules. So, we call it rule-based level generation. So there is a limit, but there are still many combinations.

Created maps, such as side tasks? Or are these story missions?

Russ: First of all, I'm not going to call them side quests, I'm going to call them the real challenge loop missions, as you know, as you've stolen your reputation and earned your c-bills. And you know, buying bigger and better mechs. And so, all the things you do among the stars mission areas.

So you're winning in all these missions?

Russ: Oh, yeah.

OK. I wasn't sure.

Russ: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, your main form of earnings. They all go out, get a contract and defend the garrison contracts, offensive contracts. You'il win a C-bill, start saving, rescuing, collecting money. Perhaps you will now sell this mech and you will be able to buy a larger machine. And then build slowly to resemble a larger, better and stronger elite mercenary unit. And all of this takes on the story missions as you arrive.

When your friends enter and help any of these tasks, I know they take one of your pilots as they think, and does the host choose men?

Russ: Yes. Sustainable health care has been playing this guy from the very beginning. You know, your friends, you should probably avoid, probably says, ız Nah, nah. It's not me and the Dragon. Arasında I mean between you and your friend.

You told the story of the story, you worked with Catalyst on the board game side. Starting with the curtain, this was like a mercenary game. This is the set period and then?

Russ: Yes. It was installed on so many stones. We knew that. We knew this story. So, we're working with Randall. [Bills] and it works forever with the brand, it seems to be for all life. The Roma wrote and said, ve Hey, you know, would you like to take a shot while writing the story for us? Biliy And he guided him a little. As we have such an idea, ın We want the player to have this history, and we wanted it to be an event with the old unit or a unit of his family, so you have to start with nothing. And there must be some kind of analogy, you know, an arc of revenge, but also a bigger bow. Dik And so, we have given such a guide. Things like that. Some really good ideas. I got feedback a few times. And that's good. It worked well.

Is it difficult to work with another company like this? And I'm also trying to be like her. Because there are so many and many stories in this universe. There are also four old school games and a kind of building in the nineties … Are you trying to continue to any of these? Or just choose a period and here's your new story.

Russ: Yes, no. The second is more. I think it's going to be hard to decide because there's too much. But, that thing has a lot of interesting stories to say. There could probably be 100 different stories written for this game. Each would be great. And we felt like we ended up with one of them. And we are so happy.

You have specified that there is mode support for this game.

Russ: Yes.

What players can play with?

Russ: Oh, good, pretty much. I mean, it's just really, there are very few limitations, and I think they won't change the facts that change the game code. But the power of the blueprint system is no longer irrelevant, which doesn't mean it doesn't. There's not much you won't be able to do. People can go there and change anything. Make new mechs, build new vehicles, make new tasks, make story springs. Really little limitations.

So, everything looks like its own set of tools. Isn't that like a mod tool?

Russ: Yes. Quite Unreal, Unreal editor. And that's all.

What do you excite the fans the most? They will finally play a new MechWarrior story.

Russ: I think I would go with me le There are a few things for me. But something would have happened, I think, physically in your mech. I think it's something that can resonate with so many people. You're in the Leopard, you're walking in the Leopard, as if you were on the ground. You see your technicians, you see your machine, you see how much damage you've seen when you get back from your mission. Just because I have this physical structure, I look at your war machines and look at the damaged state and look for things like that.

This actually raises another question. So, you're paying for repairs, repairing them before they go out again for the next mission?

Russ: Yeah, like a lot of damage to go out, obviously, if you just lost one arm, you lost your lasers, no one's gonna stop you from taking the next time. If you can perform the task, you want to keep your c bills. But yes, everything takes time and money. So, as you know, and as you know, 200,000 c-bills will fix this combat hardware, start repairs later, and continue for three weeks at gaming time, and 200,000 are removed from your accounts and machines. So you're paying a lot of time on both the c-bills and time. So, time is a resource, just as there are so many years to do a career. The game stretches from 3015 to 3049. I mean, it's your career. You have a 34-year career to achieve the status of elite mercenary.

And how many extra machines do you like to trade? Can you prepare the inventory of extra machines?

Russ: Yes

Is there a limit to this?

Russ: Um, I'm not sure yet. We were discussing this. It will eventually become a number one in the UI, but a balanced element that can balance the economy and the balance. There are maintenance costs depending on how many machines you have.

When they lost guns, did they leave? Can you replace it with a new one?

Russ: If you disappear completely, it cannot be changed, repaired. So, the middle laser is completely destroyed, go to the market and buy one. Or you probably have ten in your inventory without saving.

OK. And can you customize the look, the appearance beyond the weapon parts, colors, and so on?

Russ: Yeah, we didn't show it, but like MWO. We brought a lot of the same patterns, everything. So, you like franken-pattern in MWO, so you can paint your machine this way.

Did you pay your c-bills for that?

Russ: Probably cost a c-bill, probably not a time cost. Some money to paint your machine.

Spectacular. Thanks!

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MechWarrior 5: Mercenary Soldiers Releases for PC on September 10, 2019.

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