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1. Krallık Blind Kingdom 1. Louise Penny (Minotaur, fiction, on sale 27 November)

What about this: In the best-selling crime series in the latest selling Quebec, Chief Inspector Gamache is called a representative of the will of a woman he never knew; Meanwhile, the local opioid outbreak continues to fall.

Buzz: On December 1, Penny will participate in the USA TODAY for her new book la This Facebook Live Chat with the Book AY. EST / 10 a.

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2. Y Tom Clancy Office Sworn 2. by Marc Cameron (Putnam, fiction, on sale 27 November)

What about this: President Jack Ryan is caught up in the many abuses of Jack Jr's abduction from the usurpation of Russian missiles, to a crooked senator who uses a bot to 39 fake news Başkan to try to overthrow Ryan.

Buzz: Jack Ryan lives in the television world, along with John Krasinski, who plays Amazon's stream series Kras Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Jack.

3. ild Insane Mode: How An Electrical Revolution Was Built to Finish the Fat Age of Elon Musk 3. Hamish McKenzie (Dutton, nonfiction, on sale 27 November)

What about this: A former employee of Tesla reveals situations in which the self-driving means (soon) are high in the future.

Buzz: Esi Everyone who is interested in car (and) entrepreneurship must read, (says the Book List.

More: Self-driving cars: The new book does not always look confidently that we are racing towards the future.

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4. dav Robert B. Parker's blood feud 4. Mike Lupica (Putnam, fiction, on sale 27 November)

What about this: Serial star Sunny Randall tries to protect her husband and the Mafia family from a mysterious opponent seeking revenge.

Buzz: Lupica, a sports writer and novelist (and a friend of Parker's deceased in 2010), was chosen by Parker Mansion to continue the Randall series; This is her opening effort.

5. "Dangers of Time Travel" by Joyce Carol Oates (Ecco, fiction, 27 November for sale)

What about this: In this novel, Oia goes into the dystopia about an idealist girl who is challenged by the rules of a controlled future world and sent back to a training camp in the 1950s.

Buzz: Weekly Eerie ”is an unforgettable novel, erie says Publishers Weekly.


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