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London interchange by changing the beauty


11 years old London, Ont. Girl is helping to change her face, painting a picture at a time. Ava Bright has a condition called vitiligo, which attacks skin cells and destroys the pigment. It can make the skin look stained as some parts are pigmented and others do not.

Bright 's family first noticed a small dot on Avsar when Ava was four years old. But her mother, Julie Brown, said it spread quickly.

When Ava was six or seven, he was quite noticeable. He bullied at school and was commented on by the members of the public.

. We've been through all the stages, Brown said in the High Drive at CBC's High Drive. "She used to cry home every day. The children made her angry. The people constantly look at this day. They say rude things to me or her."

Brown remembers her daughter coming home from school, back, bed, legs, and scratching the wall.

Lar They hate how they look, Brown Brown said. "I felt like failure. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to help her.

Change the face of beauty

Then his mother & # 39; s different he saw a Facebook post from a clothing company looking at photos of children appearing. Brown didn't respond to the article. Instead, he called the company directly and sent them a picture of Ava.

T They responded within an hour, and three weeks later we were in New York. Brown Brown said.

But Ava's family didn't tell him about the trip immediately. In fact, they sat just minutes before they left.

Edi My mother told me I got a modeling job. I started crying, of course, happiness, ım Ava said. "Modeling was always one of my dreams. I want to be a role model for the other children who may see and enjoy my pictures, this is so cool, I should do it."

Ava returned to the school presentation. Matilda Jane Clothing. She models and short-sleeved shirt models. Vitiligo appears and it is better than okay with Ava.

A I now love vitiligoumu, vit Ava said. "SHE IS [the photo shoot] I really felt good because I like to make a difference in the world. I like to show who I am, cover up my vitiligo. "

Influencing others

Ava thanks her parents and others for helping her become a stronger person with vitiligo.

Ulu I had to take the time to find myself, and I knew who I was, sonra he told the journey of crying, feeling confident every day after school.

He still doesn't like it when we look or look, especially when he wears a bathing suit.

But bullying stopped at school.

Now Ava encourages other people to love who they are.

U What you really need to think about is how do you prefer to hate how life is and how it looks like in depression, or to live happily from life? “He asked. ”You only make life once, so you can live the best way.“

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