Friday , October 22 2021

Liberals conducted contentious anti-abortion test for summer jobs financing


A reaction to the model, which was designed as a value test last year, is based on context-based expressions in the summer work program that link electoral beliefs related to abortion to finance eligibility.

Instead, the federal Liberals rearranged the 2019 Summer Program in Canada to require candidates to declare that they are not working to infringe any Canadian legal rights.

In applications for the 2018 version of the program, he asked the groups to specify neither their core duties nor the works financed to undermine constitutional, human and reproductive rights.

Labor Minister Patty Hajdu said the change after informal talks over the past few months should address the concerns of faith-based groups expressing outrage as required by last year's conditions.

Hajdu said in an interview, "We felt that this was about values ​​and performances of students, not about their values ​​and beliefs, and we took it to the heart," Hajdu said.

"We are trying to do what we want to do, that is, to endure the rights of the Canadians … but we also work with faith-based groups and with others."

Additional changes have been made to the eligibility criteria of the program to disqualify any project or summer job that tries to restrict the ability of a woman to access sexual or reproductive health services. Other disqualification features include those that restrict the use of human rights or discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or ethnic origin.

"This is a program for quality jobs for children, so we should not ask children to work to put them in a position that would have to undermine or restrict the rights of others," Hajdu said.

"This is not a work experience that young people want to have, especially [job]. "

Change is one of the popular programs to be announced to MPs today. Employers may start to apply later this month.

Expanding age suitability

The liberals open the program to any young person from 15 to 30 years of age, no longer requiring them to be students to qualify for their positions.

Expansion suitability is a step towards the renewal of the summer holiday program of an expert team that was shot by the government last year.

In the final report of the panel, the Liberals recommended that their suitability to the Canadian Summer Works program be extended to non-secondary studies, and not only in summer, but also throughout the year.

Existing locations will also be published in a newly published mobile application that allows users to search the federal government's business bank.

At the end of the summer, employers and employees will need to complete a questionnaire. For this reason, the government can get better feedback on their experience to help fine-tune the future program. Hajdu said employers should follow mentoring plans for their workers as part of their efforts to finance only "quality" jobs.

Hajdu said the collected data will not be used to screen employers in the next fiscal years, but will not be used to assess the overall program.

"It's a really great program of work for kids, they make some money, they get that experience, but we want to make sure that this actually results in a quality experience."

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