Monday , June 27 2022

Lamar Jackson passes more but Raiders' advantage over the game.


At the 11th week, the Ravens crime returned and relied heavily on rush attacks to win a critical game against Bengals.

At week 12, for the first half, Ravens was really interested in proving that the rookie founder could launch the ball. They had one bullet in the first half, but the crime didn't seem consistent until just a week ago. Gus Edwards, one of Rutgers' rookies, was effective, but there was nothing clear about the hitting game like this week's game.

Clearly, Ravens reconsidered this strategy in half an hour, because they went out and ran down the Raiders' throats all through the third quarter. The biggest beneficiary? Gus Edwards.

Gus "Buses" Edwards assumed a larger role with Jackson as the starting quarterback and seems to be a terrific blend with North-South jogging style Jackson's threat of running.

The emphasis on the second half on keeping the ball on the ground helped Edwards to get a little more of history, something nobody had done in Baltimore since Jamal Lewis.

Still, there hasn't been a long time for Ravens rookies. The Ravens, who survived any experience, did not reach 100 meters for several consecutive weeks over three years.

Ravens took the ball. 15 minutes and 3 minutes and 12 minutesand why Gus Edwards was a big reason. For a long time during the Rookie free agency, it looks like the great Ravens collectors, and Lamar Jackson's Robert Griffin III may be Alfred Morris.

In the first half of the season, Alex Collins, who started with the start of the Ravens, helped Edwards, who missed the 12th week with a foot injury. Although Edwards gained more touch after his breakthrough performance against Bengals, fans of Ravens were not sure what the collapse would look like.

Nevertheless, although it was hard to say what the Ravens attack would look like when Joe Flacco and Collins were still fully healthy, Edwards could not have had much more impact on the Ravens coach squad during the last two weeks. If he keeps running 100 meters in every game, it's hard to imagine leaving.

There's a reason Edwards is undecided, but he seems to be the least-returning elite in the last two weeks, and he seems to be the best fit in the current Baltimore backcourt.


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