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Kouyate & Fellaini's goals are excluded


Jose Mourinho, from the defeat of Derby, returns to the City with Paul Pogba from the injury and Romelu Lukaku, Juan Mata and Matteo Darmian back to the place where Marouane Fellaini, Ander Herrera, Marcus Rashford and Luke Shaw lost made.

The palace made a single change, and Wilf Zaha, Jordan returned from Ayew's disability. Eagles, Old Trafford 11 Premier League match and losing since 2004 did not score. Their most recent victory was in May 1991, 18 months before the birth of Zaha.

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Unsurprisingly, Anthony Martial's most brilliant start of the seventh goal in eight games, Aaron Wan-Bissaka'ın almost backside in front of a player who went to the back.

Luke Milivojevic got a yellow card to scare Jesse Lingard, and it seemed that the Eagles would be a long afternoon because Paul Pogba had fired a large amount of fire from inside the box.

But the Palace turned into a game. Zaha went over 15 minutes before making another entry attempt.

A few minutes later they had a golden chance to open the score, and Zaha fed Patrick van Aanholt only to throw a shot in his weak foot on his left foot and see the dribble wide.

Van Aanholt doesn't think he's missing.

United later tried to do his best to chase an even easier chance, as Chris Smalling appeared in the backstroke to make Mata play his free-kick just to go to the side net.

While Lingard must definitely be 1-0 in half an hour, he led Ashley Young to rightly pioneer the center of Wales's Hennessey into the hands of Martial 's guardian of Wales. The game was good and it really opened up at this point.

Lingard's obvious effort was swiftly defeated by Cheikhou Kouyate, who promptly broke with him.

And the Senegalese midfielder thought he'd put the Eagles in the front half, but he took out his title from the outside, but he waited for a while to raise the flag. Replays showed that the ball was closed at the time of shaking, but hit Victor Lindelof before meeting in Kouyate.

Kouyate thinks he will be in front of the palace K

… But this situation came from the outside.

At the start of the second half, Lukaku was far from transforming a Young cross before United returned to take the offside of a goal. Lukaku followed Hennesey's Young's kicks, but also drove beyond the last man.

Mourinho brought Rashford and Fellaini to Mata and Matic, and more and more directly began directing his team. But then the palace was the closest to his record.

David de Gea fell thoroughly to exclude a Kouyate piledriver and stood up to deny Van Aanholt backfire. Mourinho had to roll the dice to force his hand again, and 20 minutes later he brought Sanchez to Pogba.

But Townsend was the Palace with the best chance to win for 15 minutes as he stepped inside the box, but he expanded five feet from the outside, because he tumbled off his lower right foot to his lower left, choosing the weaker foot. it was definitely the preferred option.

The fight is that United has made Townsend pay for this lady, and Hennessey is forced to take a Lukaku title on the left in a 5-minute left, but to fight against the rare and precious falls in the Palace.

The result was the United Seventh, six points from the first four places and the 15th, and celebrated the first points in Old Trafford in about 28 years.

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