Saturday , July 2 2022

Kim Kardashian Makes Peace with Tristan Thompson After Her Instagram Blocks


Kim Kardashian-West is about to continue with life.

New on Sunday Keeping with the KardashiansKim was still quite freaked out about Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, and the NBA pro was angered when he blocked it on Instagram at the start of the episode.

Shortly after, it was clear that Kim's fury used a wedge between his daughter, Tristan, who was their daughter, and his sister, Khloe Kardashian, who was trying to do something with Tristan.

Kim's anger only served to make these compromise efforts more difficult, and so the sisters found themselves at the point of semi-alienation and a conflict between Kim and Tristan seemed inevitable.

Who came face to face, at the end of the episode, Kim, Khloe, or Tristan's house in the home of the big theater room, has visited a visit. Kim tricked herself to a conversation with Tristan from speaking to her younger sister, and Khloe was instantly restless.

"Of course, my heart is racing if Kim is to see Tristan," Khloe said. KUWTK Cameras in solo interview. "I have a ton of anxiety. I don't want them to fight at home."

However, a strange struggle seemed inevitable.

"Where's my best place?" Kim was very meticulous in entering the room where the clearly annoying Tristan was lying.

Kim is talking to Tristan at the home theater, KUWTK The producers lent a headset to hear the conversation through the microphone they were still wearing, and their dialogue was not exactly what Khloe had expected.

The first question was whether or not Tristan knew how to play pickleball, a sports that combines ping pong and tennis. Of course, this is the beginning of the conversation does not expect that Tristan, a syllabic saying that he did not say, no one said politely explain.

"I don't know how to start a conversation with Tristan alone, and the first thing that goes into my head is pickleball," Kim said in a solo interview. "It was super odd, but he was an athlete, so I thought it would be common ground to talk about sports."

Kim explained that she liked to ski and the couple instilled her love for winter sports. In the end, Kim invited Tristan to a pickleball game before going out, in fact by the scam scandal or on Instagram before stopping him.

I I noticed, why is there no one else fighting this fight? Im Kim explained. "I'm not going to spend my time getting angry at someone for something they can't do. I'll keep up. And if Khloe chooses to do that, I'll support him."

All this seems to be that Kim's finally making peace with Tristan was finally making the decision, and it seems to be much better that he has, to a certain extent, improved their relationship.

Şov, Tristan & # 39; s Instagram played a short clip from a video shared by hikâyesinde. In this film, he persuaded Tristan to block him while filming.

Iliş My relationship with Tristan is a continuing work. But progress is really important,. Says Kim. "We are a very close family, we are a big family and you have to go ahead and overcome."

The episode ended with a hopeful, positive note that "Tristan Scandal" seems to really put a pot on this side of the story. Kim, her sisters, some friends and children all played in the pool at Khloe's backyard.

Rüya Being here, swimming, hanging out with my kids, with my family, this dream. I love doing this, Bu Kim said. "So, even having Tristan, we're all together, so much fun, and what this life is all about."

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