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Jason Momoa Really wants to see Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut


Aquaman & # 39; bookmark star Jason Momoa doesn't come back when asked to cut Zack Snyder Justice League, She wants to see her released. After the overwhelming theatrical performance Justice League, The DCEU was supposed to take a break, and that's exactly what it is. By the time Aquaman & # 39; bookmark To be released in the US, more than a year will pass Justice League It was the first time that six of DC's most famous heroes were combined on the big screen.

Although it may seem strange to think of a film worth $ 657 million worldwide, it should take into account the fact that it is too much. Justice League Following the departure of Snyder from the project, the re-withdrawal by Joss Whedon, DCEU The Avengers Franchise ended the way to cost more than other entries. Combine this while holding the suspicion of being the lowest grossing DCEU film and Justice League The status as a flop does not matter how much the individual audience likes, it becomes undeniable. There is no real excuse for a movie that DC plays in order not to be better than the performance of the lü holy trio film of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Suicide Squad At the box office.

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For months, many DC supporters have been pursuing a crusade with a target: Warner Bros. to release the original segment of Zack Snyder. and DC Films convince Justice League. While it is not known exactly whether Snyder's vision was complete, the filmmaker did nothing but add fuel to the fire by regularly releasing his theatrical version of his material and even recently accepted the Snyder Cut act. direct first time. Now, when asked by Snyder Cut MTV News during an interview Aquaman & # 39; i, Momoa added the voice to the choir. For the first time, he acknowledged that studio politics often forbade people from talking about their ideas about these things, and then enthusiastically expressed their desire to see Snyder Cut, while throwing an F-bomb. Check out the caring friendly moment below.

Another factor that is so powerful in Momoa is its respect and admiration for Snyder, who personally steers the player as Aquaman and helps the character to develop his DCEU identity. Momoa touched on some of the differences between Snyder's cut and the story of Aquaman in Whedon's cutting-edge, and has never disrespected or insulted Whedon's vision; he did not try to conceal the fact that he preferred for the project as a whole. and especially Arthur Curry. So here fans will finally see Aquaman. Justice League journey for themselves.

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Source: MTV News

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