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This year's flu or influenza strain may spread over the last two years targeting young and middle aged people in the region.

Uz From November 25th to December 1st we have seen that 45 people are positive in the Internal Health facilities, and we see a sharp increase in the number of young people we usually see in the H-1-N-1 influenza “A Sağlık season. Medical Health Officer Karen Goodison said. "The last two flu seasons were predominantly H-3-N-2 strains that were more likely to target the elderly."

Inner Health recommends that everyone stay at home if you have a flu shot, wash your hands often and show signs of illness. ”This year, the H-1-N-1 strain may have a striking effect on the workplace environments in which young and middle-aged workers have had more earlier than the influenza vaccine. Yıl

Influenza is a serious and contagious respiratory infection that is often referred to as influenza, which can lead to hospitalization and death in severe cases. Infection is spread when an individual comes in contact with droplets from an infected person who coughs or sneezes. Influenza symptoms may include fever, pain, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, runny nose, sore throat, and cough.

Anyone who does not have a flu vaccine should wear a mask when entering an Internal Health facility.

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